Matt G Tarrant Looking for 5 Beta Testers for New Chiro Marketing System

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Charnwood, England -

Charnwood, England - Matt G Tarrant, a digital marketer based in Charnwood, England, wants everyone to know that he is looking for five beta testers for his new chiro marketing system, Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition, which provides an enhanced way for chiropractors to get new patients. The beta testers will have exclusive area access to the zip codes around their office, precluding everyone else. In addition to the exclusive area access, several benefits are offered for the beta testers, such as: no obligation; best ever price; and no result no fee. A recent press release from Matt G Tarrant can be accessed at

Matt G Tarrant says to chiropractic office owners, “Have you ever been in a situation where you know what you’re doing because it’s based on sound principles, but lacking proof because you have no track record? Well I’m right there! This is so new I’m looking for beta-testers and I’ll send you five new patients free of charge. In return, I’d ask you for 3-4 referrals and a case study.”

Matt Tarrant admits that just like everyone else, when he first started marketing, he wasn’t very good at it. He realized that the kind of marketing seen by most people is either too bland that people don’t even notice it or it is so hyped up with obviously outrageous claims that most people won’t believe it. It was his mentor Dane Maxwell who developed a heart-centered secret sauce for marketing. And when Matt mixed this with his own hyper local secret sauce, he realized that it was the perfect combination. And he decided to apply this new marketing approach for chiropractors because the chiropractic business seemed perfect for it.

The heart-centered sauce starts with stories of hope and transformation to avoid the blandness or puffed-up claims. People who are in pain find it easy to connect with these stories. Naturally, these stories are anonymous and told in the voice of the patient. This is perfect for the chiropractor who can offer a solution to the pain that the patient is feeling.

However, while these stories can really move people, they need to be put in front of people, which is why the hyper local marketing component is needed. The hyper local marketing component starts with identifying closely with the prospects. The next step is to build a virtual office for each of the hyper local communities around the chiropractor. These are communities with a few hundred or thousand residents. A little known technique is used to force the search engines to show the stories of hope and transformation to everyone who are searching for help in these hyper local communities. Meanwhile, chiropractors are meeting the members of these communities where the live.

Ready to go ad campaigns have also been prepared because there may be a need to kick-start the flow of new patients. The deployment of these ad campaigns can be adjusted appropriately as needed to ensure that the flow of patients matches the specific needs of each specific chiropractor.

Matt Tarrant was a Fellow at the Centre for High Energy Physics (CERN) in Geneva, Switzerland. And it was at CERN that he came in contact with people from a small American startup company. Later on, he decided to be part of that company when they launched their first office in Europe in Germany. But he soon realized that his business unit was losing money and he decided to do something about it and he was able to make it profitable again within two quarters. Later on, his efforts resulted in doubling the targeted net profit over the next year with a profit amounting to approximately $5.4 million. After some time, he went to join another company and he was also able to develop online businesses with average success. Currently, he has decided to focus on building profit machines for business owners.

Those who are interested in learning more about the new chiro marketing and other related programs can visit the Matt G Tarrant website at, or contact him through the telephone or via email.

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