Matt Tarrant Is Offering Beta Test Access To His System For Chiropractic Marketing Companies

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Charnwood, England -

Matt Tarrant, digital marketer, and creator of “Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition”, is looking for beta testers for his marketing program that is aimed at chiropractors looking to extend their local marketing reach. Chiropractors running their own offices can find out more about the system that Matt has created by heading over to the link:

The beta testers will get early access to his program for the best price that it will be offered in its lifetime. Beta test participants will also have no obligation to pay if they don’t see any results through the marketing techniques implemented as per the system. They will only be liable for payment when they receive 5 patients through Matt Tarrant’s efforts. Once the 5-patient threshold is crossed, the beta testers will be upgraded to Founder Member status which comes with a $997 per month per location fee, excluding ad spend.

Matt Tarrant talks about the advantages of the patient acquisition system that he has designed by saying, “The Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system has been meticulously crafted to meet the needs of modern chiropractic practices that need that extra secret sauce to go against and come out successful against the nationwide chains of medical practices that have large amounts of marketing dollars at their disposal and will most likely always succeed when it comes to traditional forms of marketing. The system that I’ve painstakingly designed has come to fruition after studying the marketing techniques used by several successful chiropractors around the country who are beloved by their patients and never go wanting for clients. With these methods, I can help you level the playing field so that your chiropractic practice can also succeed against your competition which usually has an unfair advantage given their power to outspend you. My methods are based on the core tenets of effective marketing, ensuring that you can create a real connection with potential patients while getting the most bang for the buck for your ad spend. So get in touch today and ask me how my system can dramatically increase footfall at your chiropractic clinic.”

Matt explains the reasoning behind offering the beta test program for his initial clients by saying, “The system, as it stands right now, is fully developed and completely worth the price tag that the Founder Members will pay for it when it fully launches. I am confident that it has all the tips and tricks required for you to supercharge your chiropractic marketing needs. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no room for improvement. My years of marketing experience compel me to make sure that the system is foolproof before I feel ethically comfortable charging a single dollar from my customers. I honestly care about their experience and I want them to be completely satisfied when the program begins to bring them droves of local interest to their practice. That is why my beta testing customers won’t have to pay a single dollar to me until I’ve managed to bring them their first 5 customers. I won’t accept your money today even if you requested it from me. Plus, those 5 new patients will easily enable you to pay for 2 months of membership to the system when you are a Founder Member. So, in short, there is nothing to worry about and there is no downside to signing up for the “Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition” system unless you are terrified of your phones ringing off the hook all day long and patients lining up to book appointments. Such a scary proposition indeed!”

The “Hyper-Local Heart-Centered Chiropractic Patient Acquisition” system creates a virtual office for each community that the client is trying to reach. Each of these communities is served by the latest, powerful, and unique hyper-local and service-led JSON Schema which allows it to dramatically improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Readers can also keep up with announcements from Matt Tarrant by following his online media room at the link:

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