Matt Tarrant Is Offering A System To Compete With The Best Chiropractic Marketing Companies

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Charnwood, England -

Academic turned businessman and marketer Matt Tarrant is offering chiropractic professionals a chance to take advantage of his Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system that promises stellar returns for those who want to attract more patients to their clinics.

Matt Tarrant’s system is based on appealing to the emotional urges of a chiropractor’s target customers. The marketer will ask for heart-warming stories from the chiropractor’s real patients who have benefitted from their treatment. Matt will then craft a compelling narrative that tugs at the heartstrings of the readers or viewers by painting the results achieved by the chiropractor in an aspirational light. This creates a sense of familiarity and belonging with the doctor’s services, breaking down the resistance that patients usually have while picking out or switching to a new healthcare provider.

The system then creates a virtual office for each community that the client is trying to reach. Each of these communities is served by the latest, powerful, and unique hyper-local and service-led JSON Schema. This technology, Matt Tarrant explains, allows the system to dramatically improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Search engines are always on the lookout for the kind of data that the Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system creates for each community. Due to the semantic suitability of the result that the system produces, search engines begin showing and promoting the stories of hope and transformation, that Matt and his team carefully crafted and curated for their clients, to everyone actively searching for help online in the hyper-local communities.

Matt Tarrant says that they may also use PPC ad campaigns at this stage to drive the initial traffic of patients to get the ball rolling. Along with the aforementioned features, the company will also include the Review Remarketing system which can boost a practitioner’s social media presence and the Faithful Follow-Up system to get new patients to attend their appointments, get them coming back time after time, and also get them to refer new patients to the chiropractor.

Matt Tarrant explains his system in greater detail by saying, “Marketing is a mix of art and science. We are wordsmiths who will translate the raw emotion that your patients felt when you fixed their ailments and draft it into a story-like format that will explain why you and your services are the best possible option in your target area. We will then use our engineering expertise to make that information more appealing to search engines that are hungry for that kind of content. We hand them everything they need on a silver platter and the search engines will then do the job of spreading your stories to everyone in your community. It will soon lead to people finding you and knocking on your clinic’s door because they heard of your magic touch. It is a wonderful position to be in and it will set off unprecedented growth for your practice. Call us today to find out more about the Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system. We will answer any questions that you may have about it and we will get you started with it as soon as you provide us the bare minimum details that we need to kickstart your marketing.”

The system is currently accepting Founder Members as beta testers. The system is no obligation as the chiropractor will only be required to pay if it manages to get them any patients. If the system does not work for the healthcare professional, there will be no fee to pay. The Founder Members will also receive Exclusive Area Access which means that the zip codes around their office(s) will be instantly frozen out for everyone else.

Matt Tarrant notes on his website that chiropractors interested in becoming Founder Members will be required to provide stories of real patients that they have served, should have a willingness to pay $997 per month per office after they’ve gotten the promised results, should invest $200 towards the PPC ads required to drive initial traffic, and should provide a list of zipcodes that they want exclusive access to.

Readers interested in the Heart-Centered Hyper-Local Chiropractic Patient Acquisition system can text “DC24” to (857) 776-3443 for more information.

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