The Key Guys: Have A Spare Car Key Ready For Summer

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The Key Guys, based in Minneapolis, MN, is reminding their community to keep a spare set of car keys on hand for when they eventually set out on trips for the summer. Since the season is still some time off, the company says this gives car owners an excellent opportunity to order a spare car key and avoid the last minute organizational crunch.

The company states, “Looking forward to summer travel? One step to ensure a safe trip away from home is to get a spare set of car keys. Nothing can ruin a vacation as much as locking one's keys in the car in a distant city where you do not have friends and family to bail you out. These days many cars are sold with just one set of keys. For peace of mind, it is a good idea to have a spare set of car keys.” On certain trips, some may even prefer that several individuals have their own set for convenience and redundancy. Whatever the reason may be, The Key Guys is able to help.

The Key Guys are ALOA Security Professionals

As the best locksmith in Minneapolis — with years of experience in the field — The Key Guys is every customer’s all-inclusive destination for every service relating to car keys. Here, for instance, the company welcomes requests to have car keys securely duplicated for the owner, and this is possible for every make and model of vehicle a customer could possibly bring to the team’s attention. Furthermore, there are several advantages to seeking The Key Guys’ help instead of a vehicle’s original dealership or showroom.

“The Key Guys can make you a set of spare car keys,” the company explains, “at a price that will beat the dealers — and they will work. The Key Guys will program your keys to your car, eliminating one of the major headaches people run into when they try to use do-it-yourself services or buy via the internet. We are proud to serve the Minneapolis St. Paul Metro area. Call on The Key Guys in the event you lock yourself in, or just want a spare set of keys so it doesn't happen to you.”

Vacation planning can take a lot of effort, even though events may not always go according to expectations. However, being prepared can drastically limit the number of opportunities a trip has to go wrong, and one of the easiest ways to avoid key trouble is to have a spare ready for just such situations. However, the company acknowledges that problems may still arise even to those who travel prepared — or perhaps a driver may have missed the company’s advice altogether. In such cases, they reassure their community that they can still be of service anywhere in the region.

The Key Guys explain that they are able to help their community keep moving on the road even if they accidentally lose or break their car keys during a trip. With summer coming up, the company reminds their customers to keep The Key Guys’ contact details close at hand as they head out, since this can mean the difference between having to spend hours waiting for help and having a specialist arrive promptly to fix the issue at hand.

This is due to the fact that the company operates several full-equipped mobile vans that have all the supplies and equipment they need to complete a key repair or replacement onsite. Customers who have found themselves stranded at home, the office or perhaps the side of a busy road need only call the company for help. The Key Guys will dispatch their team to the site immediately. This has the additional advantage of letting the customer avoid having to call towing services to remove their vehicle from the location, which may lead to them paying more in fees.

The Key Guys encourages drivers to get a spare car key made today so they can check it off their to-do list as they draw up their summer plans. Customers are welcome to contact Bryan Nystrom of The Key Guys if they have any further questions regarding prices, availability and so on.

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24/7 service. Twin Cities Metro. Cut car keys from scratch, fix broken keys, key fobs, & program keys, remove keys stuck in the ignition, Quick, reliable, and costs less than dealers.

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