Lost Car Keys Replaced For This Summer’s Twin City Metro Beachgoers

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The Key Guys, based in Minneapolis, MN, has spent the summer making sure that beachgoers in the area will not be inconvenienced too much if they lose or damage their car keys. Since it is easy for people to misplace their keys on such trips, the company’s availability has saved many families and individuals from a ruined holiday.

“If you have lost car keys at any point in your life,” the company states, “you will be intimately aware of just how irritating it can be. However, what is an irritant at other times can spell disaster for the whole family if you lose your keys in the middle of a trip because you may have to cancel it altogether or even find yourself getting delayed on your way home. The Key Guys has long noticed a pattern where beachgoers lost their keys and suffered for it, so we make a habit of being available during the summer season when losses are most likely to occur.”

The Key Guys operates a mobile service that allows the team to be dispatched to any location in the area on short notice. The Key Guys’ mobile lab, a specially fitted van, allows them to transport all the tools they need to either replace or repair car keys onsite, and this van is just as capable of visiting the roads near beaches as it is office parking lots and residential driveways. As such, the company is pleased to share that their customers have enjoyed quick rescues in their time of need.

According to the company, the team has made many trips to the numerous beaches around the Twin City Metro, from Lake Minnetonka to Lake Phalen and more. While a key may be lost on a boat landing or a beach, they explain, the vehicle itself is likely to be parked on an accessible path or road. The team does not need the original key to create a new one, and they will be happy to create a spare as well if the customer so desires.

The major advantage of this, in addition to allowing people to get back to their holiday with only a minor delay, is that car owners will not have to absorb the cost of a tow or deal with hours of frustration as they wait. Thanks to The Key Guys, they can have lost keys replaced or broken car keys fixed for the fraction of the cost of a tow — the company is even known to offer better prices than a vehicle’s original dealership.

Customers have been enjoying this service for years. K. Carter shares in their review, “I literally just received service from a gentleman by the name of Robot and was thoroughly impressed with his service and professionalism. I was informed that the wait time may be a few hours and he’d call me when he was on his way, and that’s literally what happened. He called back in a few hours and then arrived in minutes. Not only that, once the service was performed, he gave me detailed instructions on how things work regarding my free key and to call if anything goes wrong. Super dope! I love it. I’d recommend this locksmith to anyone who’s gone through my experience. Thanks, Robot!”

S. Xiong says, “After contacting multiple locksmiths, none were able to cut a key for me. Have an older model car, and one that you don't see much around. The Key Guys came and made a key for me in less than 5 minutes. Other locksmiths told me that they don't have a blank for my car, and that was the end of the conversation. The Key Guys didn't have a blank for my car either, but Robot kept in contact with me and kept me updated until he was able to find a blank key. You are the man, Robot! Keep up the good work. Will be using your service again.”

The Key Guys is ready and willing to drive out to customers who are stranded on the beach, by highways, at home and virtually anywhere else with road access. Learn more about their full range of services here:

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