Bug Out Bill Publishes Books About Best Survival Gear

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Columbia, NH based Bug Out Bill has published a number of guides that talk about the many different types of survival gear and offer survival tips that outdoor enthusiasts might find useful. Their guides explore everything from how to open a can without a can opener to what the best bunker foods are to how to build an underground bunker and more. Their posts are aimed at helping their readers pick out the best equipment for any outdoor expedition, and the tips in said posts have the potential to make any outdoor adventure many times safer and easier. Bug Out Bill’s site can be found here:

“‘Expect the unexpected.’ As a group of preppers, this saying totally resonates with us,” says Bug Out Bill’s article on recreational vehicles. “It is also a good reminder to us all to continue preparing for the worst-case scenario. For us, it’s not about being paranoid — it’s about acknowledging that bad things happen, so you might as well be prepared and ready just in case. “

The writer behind Bug Out Bill is an adventurer who has had countless experiences with the outdoors throughout his life. He believes that being prepared could be the difference between having a great experience and simply coming home after a terrible adventure either injured or having had a bad time. From the time he was young, Bug Out Bill has always had an interest in spending time in the backwoods of Colorado, and this has led him to grow into the seasoned explorer he is today.

The adventurer now shares some of the knowledge he has gained after many years spent in the great outdoors. He has experienced almost everything imaginable, such as backpacking through South America, scaling two mountains over 26,000 feet tall, sailing across the Mediterranean and surviving multiple near-death experiences in various places around the world. Bug Out Bill has seen everything the great outdoors has to offer and lived to tell the tale through his highly informative blog posts. He believes in living life to the fullest with no boundaries and continues to find new and exciting ways to live.

During one adventure, he found himself stuck and waiting to be rescued. This episode likely inspired him to write about the importance of communication. Bug Out Bill says, “In this day and age of smartphones and tablets, you might be wondering why walkie talkies are still being produced and why people still buy them. Walkie talkies are essential in any survivalists and emergency preppers kit for a reason — these little gadgets are portable, easy to use, more affordable than mobile phones, and most importantly, they work even during emergencies and disasters when cell phone towers go down and communication breaks down.”

He continues, “Owning a walkie talkie is one of the best ways to stay prepared in any situation, especially in emergency situations. Fortunately, advanced technology has made modern walkie talkies even more durable, resistant to weather and elements and richer in special features that will be very useful in the event of an emergency, such as flashlights and FM radio. Nowadays, you can even get weather updates from a walkie talkie, and there are privacy codes to prevent interference.” More of his survival gear recommendations can be found in the company's previous PR at

Bug Out Bill’s articles include reviews of specific products. Every experienced outdoorsman makes use of the best tools and equipment from trusted manufacturers, and Bug Out Bill is no exception. He has used countless knives, guns, axes and much more over the years and knows what to look for in a good piece of gear. Every review talks in great detail about each item and discusses some of the advantages it may have over similar items from other manufacturers.

One of his most popular guides talks about the best tactical boots on the market. Bug Out Bill’s article says, “There are regular boots, and then there are tactical boots. Tactical boots combine durability, breathability, comfort, flexibility, good traction and maneuverability, all in one badass-looking package. No wonder they’re the choice of footwear for most law enforcement officers, military personnel, paramedics, EMTs and outdoor lovers — basically, anyone whose job or passion requires them to stand, walk, run and move on their feet all day.”

For more information, visit Those interested are welcome to contact Bug Out Bill directly as well.

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About Bug Out Bill :

Bug Out Bill wants to teach on how to have the best survival equipment and RV's out there. Today we don't know what is coming but as a long time prepper I have the skills to teach on how to survive when bad times come.

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Bug Out Bill

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Columbia, NH 03576

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