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Bug Out Bill Publishes Best MRE Survival Gear List

April 04, 2022
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Outdoorsman and survival expert Bug Out Bill has recently published an article of reviews about the best MREs available on the market. The MRE, or “Meal, Ready-to-Eat”, are a technology originally developed by the military to feed troops that are working in field locations where food preservation and preparation methods may not be immediately at hand. Official MREs are also sometimes distributed to civilians during natural disasters, and some people also use the term MRE to refer to field rations in general, or other easily reconstituted food that doesn’t require a kitchen to prepare. For his article reviewing the best MREs, Bug Out Bill sampled some of the most popular Meals, Ready-to-Eat on the market, and provided more information about and his opinion of the top ten of them. All of this can be found at

Because MREs were designed with combat soldiers in mind, they are best suited for people who are doing a lot of physical activity, as they tend to be incredibly calorie dense and often have far more sodium content than is recommended for the average human, to replace the electrolytes lost to sweat during the day. They are also made to be relatively lightweight and have a long shelf life, often lasting from 6 months to even five years, depending on how they’ve been stored. They don’t need to be refrigerated, but it best to keep them relatively cool in storage, for maximum shelf life. These traits make them excellent food to have on hand for emergencies, or for survival trips out into the wild.

When they were first developed, MREs were mere slabs or pastes of nutrition, and the US government struggled to get its soldiers to eat enough of their rations to be healthy. Eventually, they figured out that they needed to make something soldiers would look forward to eating, actually want to eat, not just the bare minimum for nutrition. Now, most Meals, Ready-to-Eat come with a main entree, side dishes, some kind of bread or cracker, as well as other bits that can make a meal feel more real - some kind of beverage, condiments, a moist towelette. Some MREs come precooked and dehydrated, so they need hot water added, while others are designed to be cooked with a flameless heating element that comes included in the package. These days, MREs come in a variety of flavors and cuisines, and can be found designed for special dietary needs as well. In this article, Bug Out Bill rates a number of MREs that can be good in different situations, so readers can find the one that will work best for them and their specific needs. Anyone who wants to learn more about Bug Out Bill can find his website here:

For each MRE in the article, Bug Out Bill has listed the contents of one package, explained how long it’s supposed to last and how many people it will feed, as well as some other relevant details. There are also links to amazon to check the availability and latest price of each meal kit. One option, which contains a total of 80 servings of dehydrated meat and an additional 20 servings of rice, is currently selling on Amazon for around $200. The products he reviewed range from kits meant to feed a single person for a couple days, to extensive survival kits designed to keep entire families fed for months, and Bug Out Bill tried all of them.

When Bug Out Bill is not writing about Meals, Ready-to-Eat, he’s covering all kinds of other survival topics and gear. Another recent article covered the best paracords available in 2022, for anyone looking for a good paracord for their camping, packing, outdoor adventure, or survival needs. In this article, each available paracord is rated on a scale of 10 for five different attributes, so readers can get a good idea of which kind of paracord will work best for their needs. More about this can be found

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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