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Bug Out Bill Publishes Reviews Of Best Gas Can Survival Gear

March 15, 2022
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Columbia, NH based Bug Out Bill has published a new article that explores a variety of gas cans on the market. The company, which makes a point of examining and comparing all kinds of gear that can play a crucial role in the art of outdoor survival, has now broken down the various factors that make a gas can a worthwhile investment. In their pursuit of this information, they have also discovered a clear winner that they believe everyone should consider if they are in the market for a gas can. Read the full article and learn more at the following link:

While the site does have a preferred choice, they point out that this gas can should not be considered the only option by every reader. This is due to the fact that many will have a smaller budget or have to make other compromises. Fortunately, Bug Out Bill has gone to the trouble of developing several categories that their readers may find interesting, with one notable highlight being the gas can they consider to offer the best value for money.

Picking a gas can can be a more complicated process than at first glance because there are many scenarios that need to be considered. A gas can that is great for storage on boats, for instance, may not necessarily be the best candidate for a homeowner who is simply looking to store gas over a long period of time. As such, each gas can on the list that Bug Out Bill has come up with is best suited for a specific purpose or niche, and the company encourages their readership to go through every item before coming to a decision and making an investment.

Furthermore, most survival enthusiasts will know that many tools are designed for specific uses and cannot be applied universally to every situation — and tools that handle a lot of purposes may not be great at any single one. Bug Out Bill points out that gas cans are similar, and picking the wrong product can mean the difference between getting less value for money and losing gas at an unacceptable rate. However, since some gas cans may in fact be suitable for a variety of purposes, the company advises their readership to take a close look at their individual features. Notably, the more expensive an item is, the more likely it is to be multi-role, but this is not a guarantee. More top recommendations can be found in the company’s last release at

The first item on the list is the Justrite 5 Gallon Red AccuFlow Galvanized Steel Type II Vented Safety Can, which notably wins Bug Out Bill’s Editor’s Choice Award due to its long term storage capabilities. This gas can is the platform’s favorite of all the products they tested due to it earning a near-perfect score in value for money, build quality, durability and features. This gas can only misses out on a perfect score due to a slightly underwhelming capacity, but the company says this is unlikely to stop many people from making the investment given how strong it is overall. In fact, while its strengths include sturdy construction, CARB compliance and excellent long term storage, the company says its steep price (which can easily be checked through the website) may be the only real obstacle for most customers.

Fortunately, the second item on the list addresses this issue. The No-Spill 1415 1-1/4-Gallon Poly Gas Can wins the company’s Best Value Award, striking an appreciable balance between features and cost. While this is not packed with as many qualities as the Editor’s Choice, it will still get the job done for the vast majority of users. The company says, “True to its brand name, this gas container is packed with features to prevent spilling and overflow, such as the Push button control that you simply have to push and release to dispense fuel, and the auto-stop feature that senses when the tank reaches its capacity then cuts off the flow of fuel at once.”

Bug Out Bill’s list includes many other items, including the Best Gas Can For Generators, Best No Spills Gas Can, Best Long Lasting Gas Can and even the Best Design Gas Can. Readers are advised to scroll to the end of the page if they want advice on choosing the best gas can — the page offers a handy Buyer’s Guide that they are welcome to refer to.

Those interested are welcome to contact Bug Out Bill today to follow up on any inquiries or suggest new topics for them to explore in future articles. See more here:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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