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Kennected Launches New Website Design To Make Website Easier To Use

February 09, 2022
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Indianapolis, Indiana -

Online lead generation and LinkedIn automation company Kennected has updated its website with a fresh new design that aligns with its mission and also does a better job of showcasing the powerful features of the company’s flagship products. Readers can find out more about the company’s LinkedIn Automation tool by heading over to the link:

Kennected has just finished a redesign of their homepage and LinkedIn automation page. The company said that the reason behind the change was to address some of the concerns that potential customers were raising regarding the website’s design. After understanding exactly what its customers were trying to communicate to them, the company decided to undertake a significant revamp of its content and visual design.

Kennected Cloud Kennect Software for Linkedin Messaging

The customers complained that the website did not give illustrative examples about what the company’s Cloud Kennect tool is and how it could actually help them with outreach on LinkedIn. Cloud Kennect is a feature-packed tool that allows users to connect and set meetings with their ideal LinkedIn audience. Though the software offers many useful features, the old website did an inefficient job of presenting its value proposition. This lack of clarity in communicating the software’s strengths was identified as one of the key reasons for customers not choosing to engage with the company’s products as expected. The website redesign team identified this weakness and then set off to correct it.

Now, Kennected's Website showcases visually appealing screenshots of the company’s software solution along with detailed descriptions of how exactly the software can help a business achieve goals such as choosing its target audience with ease, creating campaigns with follow-ups, personalizing its messaging, sending messages through its smart inbox and in-app chat feature, gaining key real-time analytics and insights for its campaigns, and more.

The new website design also has a dedicated section where Kennected clients can get a better understanding of how the company’s products can specifically serve their industry. The website does a great job of explaining the perks of the company’s signature products for professionals such as coaches, financial advisors, insurance agents, realtors, recruiters, SaaS marketers, and salespeople.

The website also has a nifty ROI calculator that lets marketers gauge their expected ROI for 1 year in terms of expected revenue and total percentage. Users are required to input their close rate and their average deal size and they are returned an estimated ROI value based on standard 1-year pricing and an average of 5 meetings booked each week using Kennected.

The company also paid close attention to the look of the website with the refresh and it now has a different color palette and a new logo. A spokesperson for the company talked about the upgrade to the design language by saying, “Kennected continues to be the fastest-growing SaaS company in the LinkedIn automation space. Recently, it also hired its first brand journalist to document the growth of the organization. We wanted a web presence that matches our current success and also the company’s ambitions for the future. The Kennected team has changed the company's branding color from a cornflower blue into a timeless black and white themed logo, with a sleek blue and white, and coral accent colors throughout. The new design aims to reflect the dynamic nature of the company which values our ability to constantly innovate and meet the ever-rising expectations of our demanding clientele. Our clients are forging new ways forward in their respective industries and we want to provide a software solution that will always keep pace with their voluminous expansion and brilliant growth strategies. The redesign lets them know that we are growing with them and that we will be always here to solve their lead generation and LinkedIn marketing problems in the simplest, most straightforward, and most efficient way possible.”

Readers who want to find out more about the company can check out a recent press release that illustrates its rapid growth and also documents a lot of Kennected's glowing reviews from its many satisfied customers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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February 09, 2022Kennected Launches New Website Design To Make Website Easier To Use

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