AI Assistant Bolsters Legal Work & Services

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Roswell, Georgia -

Duluth, GA based One Law AI is pleased to announce the launch of their AI Legal Assistant. The AI, known as Amelia, acts as a powerful tool that helps legal teams do their jobs more efficiently. One aspect that takes up a great deal of time (not just at law firms but at all kinds of offices) is the unavoidable pile of mundane tasks that need to be completed to keep a business running. One Law AI’s new tool gets rid of the need for an actual human to perform certain tasks by simply automating them. This frees legal teams to spend more time on more important work.

“Your legal teams are always so busy making sure that your clients get the money they deserve,” says One Law AI. “The biggest issue we find with employees is the human limitation of capacity. No matter how wonderful they are, there is always a limit. Amelia is trained to perform tasks at a human level without the limit of human capacity. Amelia is here to learn and take over those ‘mindless tasks’ your legal teams customarily spend their time doing. This idea of knowledge persistence and teaching Amelia these tasks will give your employees more time for hyper-specialization and improve their rapid expansion of discovery. Allow Amelia and One Law to provide a custom solution for your firm, utilizing our Modern Architecture platform. We know that we can improve your level of communication and attention to your clients, like you did when you opened your firm.”

The case manager assistant is designed to make it unnecessary to hire more Case Managers and lower the workload of existing ones. Case Managers spend their days juggling dozens of items and performing tasks that, with the right tool, could easily be automated. Amelia is designed to be more or less omniscient when it comes to the world of case management — and is capable of addressing hundreds of different issues no matter how they are worded. From legal matters to human resources and beyond, Amelia can take on any and every task that would normally keep legal teams bogged down for hours instead of working on cases.

The tool has been successful in lowering frustration and disruption, allowing legal teams to attend to a wider variety of issues and improving work output. One Law AI is happy to be able to present a working virtual case manager with a wide range of capabilities. Routine client calls are a thing of the past thanks to Amelia, and a few firms are beginning to see the possibilities that open up once they automate all applicable tasks.

The AI also includes a medical provider/funding portal. One Law AI says, “Most Case Managers are overrun with calls from Funding companies and Medical Providers for client updates. We have created a Medical Provider portal. The data is automatically collected from CRM databases and deposited in this portal. Your providers have a tool that they can visit and pull in the updated information you want to provide. Providers simply log on and are only allowed to access to their treating client’s data. This means no more phone calls, no more interruptions and no more sharing of restricted information that you do not want to share. Everyone gets what they want.”

The AI is designed to automate a long list of processes while still making use of any given firm’s existing CRM system. Many of Amelia’s tools automatically assimilate data from older systems, which further saves time by simply making an old system more efficient instead of requiring that it be replaced in its entirety. Lastly, it automates the process of asking clients to leave Google reviews. Google reviews are a very important part of a firm’s online image, and at One Law AI, they understand this. The AI sends out text messages to clients automatically, reminding them that they can submit a Google review if they so wish. This can (and has) had a big impact in how firms are perceived by their community.

For more information on the AI legal assistant, visit One Law AI’s website. Jack Derrickson of One Law AI is available for further details as well.

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About One Law AI :

One Law AI was created to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Personal Injury Law Firms. One Law's Modern Architecture makes it easy to utilize your existing software programs and infrastructure.

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