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1 Law LLC Is Offering An Artificial Intelligence Platform For Law Firms

May 11, 2021
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Roswell, Georgia -

1 Law LLC has made an AI platform for personal injury law firms, that streamlines law firm operations, improves customer experience, and maximizes settlements. The company’s platform provides artificial intelligence for law firms in the form of services such as a legal assistant, lead generation, and communication.

The AI platform created by the company is named Amelia and she has various components that all work together to ease the workload at a high-performing law firm. The legal assistant module has components such as the Amelia case manager assistant, Amelia case manager voice, a medical provider/funding portal, legal system automation, and an auto Google reviews requester. The communication module has components such as the Amelia conversation window, Amelia receptionist, bi-lingual conversation, client portal, and a mobile app. The lead generation module has components such as the Amelia intake voice, call-track program, investigator mobile program, and custom avatar.

The legal assistant is designed to take over menial, mindless tasks that require a lot of valuable employee time. It allows employees to focus exclusively on the hard part of the job, getting more productivity for their limited time and putting it to more efficient use. The idea behind using the company’s AI legal assistant is to give it tasks that formerly required human intervention but can now be performed without the limit of human capacity.

The Amelia case manager assistant answers questions from various domains such as legal matters, human resources, IT support, case management to simple day-to-day office operation questions. The Amelia case manager can also make outbound calls to clients, send text emails or emails. It can handle tasks such as making the first welcome call to a new client, thanking them for selecting the firm, providing the name and contact information of the new client’s legal team, discussing further steps, and more. The medical provider/funding portal automatically collects data from CRM databases and deposits it in the portal. This saves the law firm time when dealing with medical providers who want client updates. The legal system automation system includes many technical advancements such as improved outlook integration, electronic letterhead and signature capture, data sharing with the call track lead management system, integration with phone systems, auto-generating paper documents, and more. The case manager can also send out reminders to clients requesting them to post a Google review for the law firm.

The AI lead generation module provides a conversational assistant that can talk naturally with visitors that find the law firm’s website. This helps the law firm collect leads from potential customers who are looking for legal consultation. It can provide customers a free case evaluation and it can qualify a case or send out a contract for a signature. The conversational assistant can scale according to the law firm’s needs and currently handles over 40,000 monthly users with ease. The Amelia intake voice module can help users who are calling in to discuss a new case. It can differentiate between the type of cases that the client needs help with and can accordingly offer clients the appropriate resources or redirect them to the correct intake department. The call track program manages all the tasks of lead generation and lead management. It can be trained to accept questionnaires relevant to a specific case. It can store leads by case type, market, source, quality, and a number of other reportable options. The intake system is also bolstered by a mobile app. The app can help field representatives who interview clients, upload documents, injury and property damage images, videos, and client images of the accident. The lead generation system can be given a custom avatar that matches the public face of the law firm.


A spokesperson for the company talks about its AI technology by saying, “Gone are the days when you needed boots on the ground to do a lot of the busywork that comes with running a law firm. AI is smart and efficient enough today to offload the mindless tasks onto machines so that your employees can focus on serving their clients better. We are standing on the cusp of a new wave that is hitting the legal industry and the early movers are going to greatly benefit from the sea change that is coming.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About One Law AI:

One Law AI was created to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Personal Injury Law Firms. One Law's Modern Architecture makes it easy to utilize your existing software programs and infrastructure.

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Jack Derrickson
4227 Pleasant Hill Rd Bldg 11, DULUTH, GA 30096

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