One Law AI Provides AI Lead Generation For Law Firms

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Roswell, Georgia -

Duluth, Georgia based One Law AI is proud to share their creation, Amelia, the artificial intelligence assistant designed specifically for law firms. The company was founded with the intention of bringing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to personal injury law firms, and they are proud to provide their clients with the means to achieve their goals and become a successful AI Law Firm.

Jack Derrickson of One Law AI says, “With the amount of competition that is present in today’s personal injury market, every law firm needs to do everything they can to maintain their edge. That is the problem, and Amelia is our solution. Amelia is designed with the ability to take care of a number of things that would usually cost you a great deal of money. Amelia can carry out AI lead generation and she can greet every visitor to your website and every caller reaching out via telephone. She can do so much more than your usual chat bots and IVR phone systems.”

AI Lead Generation for Attorneys

One Law AI is proud to state that Amelia is revolutionary. Unlike the traditional AI methods of connecting with clients, the company has trained Amelia to actually comprehend and react accordingly. Due to this, Amelia is able to discuss a potential case with a visitor and determine the firm’s ability to represent them or not. If Amelia is properly implemented, law firms can stop worrying about their advertising funds being wasted or losing potential clients because there is some misunderstanding about their needs.

One Law AI has spent years perfecting Amelia’s abilities. She is an artificial intelligence virtual legal assistant especially designed for law firms. Her capabilities as a highly cognitive and conversational AI allows her to outperform every other similar creation currently in existence. As an AI software for lawyers, Amelia seeks human levels of efficiency, profit and loss impact — and impressive levels of customer service without human limitations of capacity. Within the industry, an AI of her kind is referred to as multi-channel, meaning she can speak, text, email and chat. One Law AI states that her scalability is currently limitless.

While it may seem a difficult task, integrating Amelia with a law firm’s existing infrastructure is a relatively easy process. As One Law AI designed the artificial intelligence from the ground up, everything about Amelia is based on modern software architecture that allows her to easily integrate with existing software programs and platforms. One Law AI assures that their goal is not to replace the human workforce, but rather complement it and streamline law firms’ infrastructures and help them increase their workplace efficiency.

In fact, Amelia can be customized extensively to represent the law firm in a manner they desire. Not only can the way she responds and behaves be tuned, One Law AI can also provide law firms with their very own avatar that promotes a friendly face for their homepage and personalizes interaction with their clients. With a friendly face and her highly responsive design, Amelia can take customer service to the next level.

Derrickson says, “The future is going to be heavily computerized, and I believe that conversational artificial intelligence is going to play a big part in everything. Getting a headstart on that now and harnessing the power of computers to make our lives easier is something that is only going to make us future-proof. Considering all the hard work we have put into Amelia to make her what she is, we are proud to say that she surpasses all expectations. I genuinely believe that Amelia’s capacities can fundamentally change how law firms operate today. Amelia is the next step of your law firm’s evolution; she is the secret ingredient that you are missing. Get in touch with us and see how we can help you take that step towards the future.”


One Law AI’s website hosts a demo of Amelia that users can interact with to learn more about the scope of the artificial intelligence used by One Law AI. The website also provides detailed information about the range of services provided by the company. Interested parties can directly get in touch with Jack Derrickson directly via email or phone to discuss their requirements further. One Law AI maintains a presence on LinkedIn where they frequently post updates, share media and communicate with their customers.

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About One Law AI :

One Law AI was created to bring Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Personal Injury Law Firms. One Law's Modern Architecture makes it easy to utilize your existing software programs and infrastructure.

Contact One Law AI:

Jack Derrickson

4227 Pleasant Hill Rd Bldg 11, DULUTH, GA 30096


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