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Child Care SEO Shares Marketing Strategies

December 16, 2021
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Child Care SEO, based in Austin, Texas, recently published an article: Child Care Branding The Easy Way. The company helps child care service providers build their brand and expand their reach to clientele as well, and this article is meant to explore how they can work on this crucial aspect of their operations.

A company’s services may be similar to its competitors in any industry. However, it is a company’s brand that sets them apart from the rest. Even if the services offered remain mostly the same over the years, a strong brand is timeless and is capable of constantly evolving to suit the changing times. Branding for child care does not need to be complicated, as is explained in the article. A brand is a company’s identity — the logo, colors, and words combine to create one big idea. A brand is far more than just the school’s name and a logo above the door. A brand should be consistent and have a message built into every aspect of the business.

The best way to create a brand is to determine what a consistent image looks and feels like for a company (and what that brand wants to evoke about the child care business). There are five steps to consider in this process.

The first is what the school should represent, and then choose the name and tagline for the business. The company’s leadership must decide on the logo, colors, and fonts and then develop the company logo. The school’s branding should be applied to everything connected to it. The first part of the process is researching the intended marketing and competition. Unless it is a brand-new business, they should already have a location and target demographic. When it comes to child care marketing, the competing companies should already be a known factor. Knowing the competition (their strengths and weaknesses) can be crucial in forming an effective strategy to retain existing clients and bring in new clients.

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

In the same way, having a thorough understanding of present and future clientele can give a business owner insight into how to serve them better. The article points out some questions to include when doing market research, including age group, ideal demographic, socioeconomic bracket of clientele, what age groups are sold out or more popular, and for what age group the business has the most capacity. A business owner should also consider what they want parents to feel when visiting the school. A mission statement and an understanding of the school’s philosophy are also key. When researching competitors, knowing who the biggest competitors are, the age groups they cater to, their capacity and availability, and so on are worth knowing too.

Ideally, a business owner should want a tagline to be short and capture what makes their school unique to the parents. It should make the school’s purpose clear to anyone who comes across it. Color choices, too, can significantly affect how clientele will feel about a business. Large companies spend a small fortune on the psychological effects of their color palette, so a good approach can be to go with tried-and-true color combinations backed by research. Choosing a random palette of colors will make branding confusing. The ideal strategy is to incorporate three or four key colors into a clean design — and used everywhere and on everything for the business. Likewise, it is best to choose a few fonts and stick to them. A standard sans serif font is often recommended for body text for convenience to the reader, though a bolder font may be chosen for headings and such. The size of the font matters too. A logo is a vital part of child care branding and identity.

Child Care SEO was founded by Magdalena and Colin MacLeod from Austin, Texas. They help daycares and preschools that want to increase enrollment but have been frustrated by confusing internet marketing strategies. As child care owners themselves with over 13 years of experience, the McLeods know the ins and outs of the industry.

More information about the child care marketing agency, Child Care SEO, can be found on their official website. Their team can also be reached by phone or email, and interested parties are welcome to follow their activities via their preferred social media platforms.

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Marketing for daycares and preschools can be time-consuming, confusing, and frustrating. Child Care SEO makes it easy for childcare providers with ready-made websites and marketing designed to attract new parents, book more tours, and enroll more kids.

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