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Child Care SEO Offers Preschool Marketing Tips

October 27, 2021
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Child Care SEO, a company based in Austin, TX, has recently released a blog post that offers tips on how to rank your daycare on Google as part of their preschool marketing tips. This particular article is focused on the use of SEO, which is a marketing tool with the purpose of getting the business’ website on the first page of the search results. In general, SEO can help in attracting ideal customers to the business. For daycare centers, preschools, early learning center, or kindergarten, SEO can be used to get the attention of parents who are eagerly looking to place their children in a preschool.

Colin MacLeod, marketing expert and owner of Child Care SEO, says, “Unlike advertising, the money you spend on SEO will give you lasting benefits. Think of it like building a house – once you’ve built it, the house will be standing. Of course, you’ll need some maintenance, but you will have a house for years to come. Advertising, on the other hand, is like renting a home. When you stop paying monthly, the benefits stop. If you do all the research and optimize your website and site content, you’ll be able to boost your Google Rankings quickly and effectively. Child Care SEO can increase your business and ROI.”

Magdalena & Colin MacLeod

For a website to rank high on Google, the first thing to do is to determine those keywords that parents are likely to use when they are trying to find a preschool or daycare center for their kids. It is important to know which parent searches, child care keywords, and search terms are related to one’s niche and how likely parents are going to Google them. The Google algorithm for determining the rank of a particular website will not only base it on certain keywords, but it will also obtain information from different websites around the world to find out how parents are searching for a child care facility for their children. Using such information, Google will then provide an updated list of trending keywords likely to be used in a parent’s search. Web pages have to be created on child care websites that have been optimized based on a search term that is likely to appear in a parent’s search.

Meanwhile, it is also a good idea to use Google Ads, which is the paid search or pay per click product of Google. It has several useful tools for preschools pursuing SEO. These include an affordable bidding system and lead capture forms. While it is possible to focus on organic search and avoid advertising, combining organic search and advertisements is a great strategy because people tend to search in different ways. While some will ignore ads, others will not care and will simply click on the first link they see, whether it is an ad or not.

With regards to SEO costs, it is actually possible to start without spending because it is possible for a business owner to do SEO. However, SEO is a specialist skill that would be best left to the experts. In addition, business owners will likely have not much time to learn about SEO and then implement it. There are actually free resources on the Child Care SEO website for those who want to start with DIY SEO.

Meanwhile, hiring someone to develop and implement an SEO strategy for a daycare center can appear to be costly at first, but this must be viewed in context. It is important to realize that building an asset that will serve the business for years to come can have more lasting effects and is actually cost effective. With SEO, the results are long-lasting and there would be not need to sign up many kids just to see an excellent return on one’s SEO investment.

Those who are interested in learning more about the services provided by Child Care SEO can visit their website, or contact them on the phone or through email. They also have a child care blogging page on their site.

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