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The Key Guys Can Help with Key Stuck in Ignition and Provide Other Services

October 12, 2021
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The Key Guys, a car locksmith in Minneapolis, MN, is happy to announce that they are ready to assist auto repair shops and individual car owners when faced with the problem of a key stuck in the ignition and other similar issues. Bent keys that get stuck in the ignition often result into a situation where the car owner would need to have the vehicle towed to a motor vehicle repair shop. By calling on The Key Guys, those who are in this kind of situation may be able to save on the cost of a tow because they offer mobile locksmith services and will go to the location where the vehicle is located.

Bryan Nystrom, owner and manager of The Key Guys, says, “The constant turning of the key in the ignition over time can lead to the key getting twisted or warped. Sometimes this results in the key not working or turning in the ignition when you try to start your car. Other times, you can get the car started, but when it comes time to turn it off and leave, you discover that you cannot get the key out of the ignition. This can ruin your day. If this should ever happen to you, you should call The Key Guys in the Minneapolis or Saint Paul Metro Area. We will come to you and your car wherever you are in the area and resolve the problem for you, such as when you have a key stuck in ignition.”

The Key Guys are ALOA Security Professionals

While sometimes car owners may be able to resolve the situation by straightening a bent key, they suggest making a brand new car key to ensure that the same mishap will not happen again. This can easily be done because they are professional car key locksmiths who are always up to date on the latest technology that allows them to create duplicate replacement keys for practically all US and foreign car models. They make the car keys for most of the auto dealerships in the Twin Cities and their staff are all bonded, insured, and certified.

It is important to note that specialized car key locksmiths have become an essential component of the automotive industry, especially with the advent of the remote keyless system and key fobs. With such advances in car key technology, new problems have also cropped up, such as the potential hacking of key fobs. That is why the key experts at The Key Guys always keep themselves informed on the latest developments in car key technology.

They are also capable of handling car keys equipped with transponder chips, which serve as protection against car theft. With these transponder keys, locksmiths do not only have to make sure that keys are cut correctly in order to fit the locks and ignition. They should also be knowledgeable on how to program the transponder chip so that it will respond properly and deactivate the immobilizer system and allow the car to start. This transponder chip creates a low-level signal that a receiver located around the ignition cylinder will be able to detect. The car computer will then authenticate the signal from the transponder chip to ensure that the real key is being used, thus minimizing unauthorized use of the vehicle.

Founded in 2010, The Key Guys has the goal of providing premium mobile car key locksmithing services in the Twin Cities area in Minnesota. They can make a new key when the only key has been lost, or the key or key fob were broken, or the key got stuck in the door or ignition, or when people just want to have a back up spare key. They specialize in car keys and they can be contacted at any time whenever they are needed. There is no need to have the vehicle towed to a dealer because they can go to wherever the car is located.

People who would like to know more about car key replacement and other car key services offered by The Key Guys can visit their website at, or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can be contacted 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

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