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The Key Guys Offer Same Day Service For Auto Repair Shops In Minneapolis and St. Paul

September 13, 2021
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The Key Guys are offering same-day car key duplication and repair services to auto repair shops in the Minneapolis and St. Paul twin city area.

Auto repair shops offer a range of services to car owners such as car detailing, parts repair, oil changes, tire replacements, windshield replacements, and more. Customers who may have lost their keys or broken them might turn to auto repair shops as they are at the front of their minds when it comes to car problems. However, an auto shop that has the expertise to provide a range of automotive services might not always be equipped with the personnel and equipment that is required to create duplicate keys or repair existing ones.

The nature of a locksmith’s services makes it a niche product that all auto shops might not consider investing in due to the infrequent nature of consumer demand. That is why locksmith services, offered by companies such as The Key Guys, are an excellent companion to auto repair shops that want to address all of their customers’ concerns without investing in building expertise in such services from scratch.

A spokesperson for The Key Guys talks about its partnerships with the numerous car repair shops in the twin cities area by saying, “A distressed consumer that cannot get inside their car because of having misplaced their key or because the key stopped working all of a sudden might not be aware of the right person to solve their problem. They will most likely call up their usual auto repair shop and ask them if they possess the tools and knowledge to solve the problem with their car keys. An auto repair shop owner that is dedicated to the customer and wants to help them get back on the road again will not like to send the customer back disappointed. In such a case, they can turn to us, The Key Guys to be there to solve any problem regarding car keys. The car shop owners just have to call us and we will be on our way the same day to fix whatever issues their customers are facing. Our same-day service guarantees that the auto repair shop doesn’t have to keep its clients waiting for too long. We have helped countless car owners get back secure and seamless access to their vehicles and we want car shop owners to be able to provide the same services to their own loyal customers. So if you are an auto repair shop owner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul twin cities area, give us a call today to establish a mutually beneficial working relationship with the best car locksmith that will help you serve your customers better.”

A review of the company’s services from Bob Johnson, a local auto repair shop owner, highlighted on its website says, “The Key Guys help us serve our customers. We do a lot of auto repair and it’s great to have a resource like The Key Guys to call. They get here fast and always do great work.” The positive reviews that the company has received go beyond auto repair shops as it boasts of an impressive rating of 4.9 out of 5 from over 610 reviews on its Google My Business page. Residents in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, appreciate and are grateful for the company’s fast and diligent services that have helped numerous customers get out of a tough spot.

The Key Guys offers key services such as replacing lost or stolen keys, fixing broken keys, creating spare(backup) keys, removing broken keys, programming existing keys, programming transponders, replacing key batteries, cutting new keys, fixing ignition and doors, and more.

Customers can contact the company at the phone number 612-333-7677 to speak to its representatives or they can text it questions between 7 AM and 7 PM at the phone number 612-685-4422. There is also a contact form on its website at for those that prefer a written mode of communication.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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215 Queen Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55405

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