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Genesis Tree Service Fairfax Suggests Safe Pruning Alternatives To Tree Topping

August 23, 2021
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Fairfax, VA based Genesis Tree Service recently uploaded a post about tree topping vs crown reduction. The post discusses the advantages and disadvantages of both practices and when and where the use of one over the other might be appropriate. The aim of the post is to inform and educate readers on some of the best ways in which to take care of their trees. By combining expert knowledge and years of experience, the Fairfax tree care company regularly produces articles that offer helpful information on a wide range of topics, and their new article is another highly informative piece that could help their readers make the right decision regarding trees on their property.

Fairfax County property owners are not always fully aware of the difference between tree topping and pruning. Often, they request tree topping services where it is unnecessary or even has the potential to harm their trees. While it is usually the job of the experts to offer advice regarding what action is best, knowing what one’s trees might need can be very helpful.

Tree topping refers to the removal of the top of the central stem of a tree. The article says, “Tree topping techniques involve removing the branches and foliage from the top of the tree, which are then removed from the trunk. Topping is sometimes called heading, stubbing or dehorning. The result is an unsightly tree with stubbed, upright branches called water sprouts at the top. The water sprouts that grow at the top of the tree have weak, shallow anchors and are likely to break off in a storm. All these practices are not good for tree health.”

Tree topping is often considered a drastic procedure as it involves the removal of large, mature limbs. This stresses the tree, increasing its susceptibility to diseases and pests, the treatment or removal of which is often very costly. Unlike with other trimming practices, topping trees can lead to the permanent damage and even death of trees, which is why it is important to only do it where absolutely necessary. In addition to potentially damaging trees, it can lower property values, as topped trees have a tendency to look unattractive and thus reduce the overall aesthetic appeal of whatever property they are placed on.

There are a number of alternative practices to tree topping that produce healthier results. As the post says, “There are many safe alternatives that will have similar results. One of these is known as crown reduction. Crown reduction is a safe way to thin or prune a tree without harming it and will not cause damage to the tree in the future. Cutting a tree crown can be done with a chainsaw, garden pruners or an axe. For example, if your tree is growing too much at one point, you can make a cut from that point to the next higher branch. This will allow the tree to grow according to its natural shape.”

Some of the practices listed include crown reduction and crown restoration. It is important to have a certified arborist examine and come up with an effective treatment for any tree. In Fairfax County, Genesis Tree Service is one of the most well-known and trusted tree care services. Genesis makes it a point to handle each and every tree they deal with carefully.

A number of customers have left excellent reviews of the company. One Google review from Troy Thomas says, “I had a tree blown over in a summer thunderstorm and called these guys for emergency tree removal. They came out right away and got the job done quickly. Definitely impressed and will call again when needed.”

Rebecca Cave says in their own review, “I called and received an on-site assessment of tree damage that occurred from a storm on the same day that I called. Pedro was extremely helpful and knowledgeable of the trees on my property. I will certainly call Genesis Tree Service again in the future.”

For more information on Genesis Tree Service Fairfax, visit the company’s website. Pedro Velasquez of Genesis Tree Service Fairfax can be reached for further details as well.

Tree crown reduction is a safe pruning method to tree topping

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