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Genesis Tree Service Offers Tree Removal In Fairfax Virginia

March 19, 2021
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Genesis Tree Service, based in Virginia, is pleased to offer their Fairfax County tree removal service to the local community. The company provides tree services across the northern Virginia region including tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, land clearing, storm cleanup, and emergency tree services.

Trees are well loved by all, for many reasons, from providing shade on hot, sunny days, adding beauty to one’s homes and even positively contributing to mental health. Even though trees are necessary, there are some instances where trees need to be removed. As much as people love the landscape, a tree that no longer provides shade or has otherwise become a hazard to lives and property must be removed. That is where tree removal experts like the team at Genesis come in — to ensure the safe removal of trees. Improper removal can leave root structures that grow into bigger problems over time. The tree may topple over in the wrong direction during the removal process as well, causing damage, injury or even death. A specialist must be called in order to avoid such situations.

There are many reasons why trees need to be removed, and one of them is overgrowth or close proximity. If a tree grows far too large for the land over the years, the roots too will grow outward in search of nutrients. These roots can push under driveways or breach the foundation of a home. The damage this can cause to the flooring would render the home unfit for occupation.

There are also situations where dead or weakened trees can be a hazard or health risk for a family. Whether the tree was weakened by disease or age, it is a liability as it may fall down at a moment’s notice. Prompt removal of such trees would prevent disaster and save the home as well as the lives of the family living there. Prompt removal of trees in either situation will prevent damage, which is why calling a tree removal company like Genesis is the recommended course of action.

Tree removal service in Fairfax Virginia

In some instances, trees need to be removed in the lot clearing process. Whether it is for the expansion of an existing building or during the construction of a new building, it is advised that a person hire a professional tree removal service to assess the trees. Depending on the situation, the team will inform the construction crew about trees which need to be removed (or if removal is even necessary at all). The tree service company will remove the trees, ensuring that no roots are left behind which will compromise the new building. In some cases, the company may even recommend trimming instead of removal if the trees pose no threat to people or buildings. The company also offers trimming services as well, and they will always recommend the best approach for the situation at hand.

Genesis Tree Service also asks their community to consider tree planting or transplanting trees. Even though tree removal may be necessary in some cases, the company suggests the possibility of moving the tree wherever possible. Their team will help the customer assess their property in order to see what a safe location for the tree would be. The company will be able to move the tree to that spot or plant a new tree if the old one was unsuitable for replanting. They explain that, either way, planting trees is good for the landscape and the environment.

The company acknowledges that, in most instances, tree removal costs will largely dictate a customer’s course of action. Even if they are hiring professional tree removal services for purely aesthetic reasons, Fairfax county property owners still have to deal with the costs and compare prices. Most tree removal companies will charge the customer based on the height of the tree at a set fee per foot and split them into height categories. If a tree is exceptionally tall, a tree trimming services may be the better option instead. Stump removal also typically costs an additional fee.

However, in certain situations, a customer may have to pay a higher fee, particularly if the tree poses a hazard or if it is on an emergency basis. The company explains that these extra fees usually come from the higher licensing, liability and insurance requirements for these tree removal situations. Hazardous trees and emergencies offer more risk to the workers, so the company recommends that they be called for the tree removal when the issue first becomes apparent, ahead of time. A professional tree removal service will handle the issue as efficiently as possible with minimal risk to the customer and their property.

To learn more about the services offered by Genesis Tree Service Fairfax, those interested may visit their website. Customers may also contact Genesis via phone or email for further inquiries or to schedule a free tree removal estimate.

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