Dan LHeureux Announces Magic Traffic Button, the World’s First Mobile Traffic App

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Tech Life Media of Lynden, Washington has announced the product launch of the Magic Button, which is the world’s first mobile traffic app by Billy Darr. With just the press of a button, Magic automatically fires any website to 5.2 billion cell phones in just 60 seconds. This Magic Traffic Button mobile app earned highly positive remarks from Thomas Longquist from

Dan LHeureux from TechLifeMedia. says, “The Magic Traffic Button app is especially helpful for those who are new to online marketing. It includes step-by-step video tutorials and it comes with 24/7 world class support. For those who don’t like videos, it has a Quick Start Guide that shows that user how to use Magic to get traffic and sales in a matter of seconds. Magic is suitable for doctors, architects, Internet marketers, car rental services, product creators, online/offline marketers, freelancers, and more.”

Magic App

The Magic Traffic Button has several distinguishing features. These include: autopilot buyer traffic in just seconds; $9,045.76 in sales made during testing; the fact that it was developed especially for beginners; no need for technical knowledge; possibility of quitting job, travelling and becoming free; and a 365-day guarantee where those who don’t get results will get paid $300.

The Magic Traffic Button will work on any device, whether it is iOS, Android, Mac, or PC. At present, there are no monthly fees during its introductory launch period. And money-making training is also provided.

It is important to realize that getting traffic has become a problem because currently, most traffic sources have become saturated. And various methods of getting traffic, such as solo ads, social media, YouTube ads, Google ads, organic marketing, and Facebook ads, are expensive. For someone who is a beginner, these traffic sources offer low profitability. Fortunately, after several months of research, testing, and development, this mobile app that takes advantage of most people having cell phones, was created. It allows users to legally and ethically get in touch with 67 percent of the human population.

This market is huge, with $2.92 trillion being spent in mobile commerce and with about 5.2 billion people owning cell phones. These people spend an average of three hours on their cell phones every day and 69 percent use their smart phones for product research. About 66 percent of users buy using their smart phones and 52 percent of all traffic is mobile traffic.

This mobile app takes advantage of a 100 percent legal and ethical loophole that allows the app user to get in from of the approximately 5.2 billion cell phone users. And it works with various platforms, such as Warrior Plus, ClickBank, JvZoo, MaxBounty, Shopify, Amazon, eBay, PayDotCom, and practically any website.

Mobile marketing is a multi-channel online marketing method that takes advantage of people using mobile gadgets like smartphones and tablets. This marketing approach makes use of text messaging, multimedia messaging, and email messaging to reach out to potential customers. While there are concerns about privacy violations with regards to mobile marketing, the developer of Magic Traffic Button was able to avoid this through a legal and ethical loophole that allows the user to contact people without encountering any problems.

It is important to note that unlike conventional marketing, mobile marketing can take advantage of the fact that people tend to “snack” or take a peek at their mobile gadgets frequently. In addition, people tend to bring their mobile devices wherever they go, which means mobile marketers have a lot of opportunities to connect with potential customers. Mobile marketing campaigns tend to be more specific and targeted to individual users. This marketing method also provides the advantage of not requiring high-level technology or having a lot of technical experience to begin using this method.

Those who would like to know more about this mobile marketing app and how it may lead the user to achieve online freedom can check out the Digital Secrets Daily website of Dan LHeureux or contact him on the telephone or through email.

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