New Cambridge Electronics Incorporated Blog Discusses the Art of Applying a Screen Protector

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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated is a progressive Canadian communications services provider that likes to help its customers have a better mobile phone experience in any way that they can. One of the ways that the company does this is by posting informational blogs on its website. Their latest blog instructs iPhone and Android phone users on the proper way to install a screen protector. This is something that for many is not as easy as it looks and can create some screen clarity problems if it’s not done properly.

A spokesperson for the company, Dan LHeureux, says, “Screen protectors are a highly recommended item for any user to have on their mobile phone. As the name implies, they will protect a cellphone’s delicate screen which is the main control piece for the device. It certainly is much easier and less expensive to take off a mobile phone’s protective screen covering and replace it after it has been scratched or scuffed than it is to replace the screen itself on any mobile phone. That’s why we decided to post this new blog. It will teach our customers the tricks the pros use when it comes to properly applying a phone screen saver.”

How to Apply a Screen Protector

The blog on how to Apply a Screen Protector starts by stating the preferred type of screen protector is one that’s made out of tempered glass. This is the most popular type of screen protector because it's hard to scratch or scuff up and therefore it will last a long time. In the blog, it explained that it’s easiest to purchase an entire kit when looking to install a screen protector because it will include everything that’s needed for the task. This includes the screen protector itself, an alignment tray, and a cleaning pouch with such helpful tools as a microfiber cloth, alcohol wipes, and a dust removal strip.

In the newly posted blog, it says that the very first step in the screen protector application process is a thorough cleaning. This is done to help the screen protector adhere better to the mobile phone screen and do so without trapping anything underneath it which may block viewing the screen. The process starts by first gently rubbing the moist alcohol wipe over the entire surface of the phone screen. Next, the microfiber cloth is used in a circular motion to further clean the phone’s screen and dry it at the same time. According to the blog article, the dust removal strip is used last to catch any lint, dust, or other small particles which may still be present on the phone screen. It even mentioned that a piece of rolled-up adhesive tape will work during this step in the process if a dust removal strip did not come in the kit. The next step in the screen protector application process is to put the phone into the provided alignment tray. Once in the alignment tray, it’s recommended to again use the dust removal strip or a clear piece of tape on the phone screen to catch any dust that may have fallen off the alignment tray as the phone was inserted. The blog stated that the screen protector is pre-attached to the alignment tray so that it falls perfectly into position on the phone screen. Before doing this step, the screen protector's adhesive covering must be peeled off. Then the protective screen covering can slowly be lowered into place. In the blog article, it mentions making sure there are no bubbles underneath the screen protector by slowly pressing it down with the thumbs starting at the top and working towards the bottom. A nicely applied screen protector should then be perfectly in place.

The new Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated blog post is even accompanied by a video that demonstrates to users exactly how the step-by-step process of applying a screen saver to their phones works. The company highly recommends that those who want to properly apply a screensaver and have it stay on a long time watch the video tutorial. The demonstrated screen protector application process will work on all iPhones and Android-based phones. Both of which Telus/Cambridge Electronics makes available to their customers.

More helpful Telus/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated blog articles can be seen on the company website by clicking on the ‘blog’ heading at the top of their website’s homepage.

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