Cambridge | Jillian Harris X Smart Home Security: How Smart Home Security Made a Family’s Life Easier

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Telus/Cambridge Electronics Inc. in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada, has revealed how a smart home security system from Telus Home Security Fort Sask has made a family's life easier, more connected and obviously safer. Jillian Harris has related how their family of four plus two dogs benefited when the smart home security technology was integrated into their home with the goal of making it a functional and cozy space for the family. The system allows them to control everything about their home using their smartphone through a sleek and simple control panel.

Jillian Harris explains, “The best part is I can control everything right from my phone. We are constantly coming and going so I don't want to be heating the house or leaving the lights on. As a family, we are trying so hard to be more conscious of our energy use so all you have to do is set up your preferences and you'll save energy and money every month. Say you had to rush out the door which is really me every day. Now it's easy to check the Telus smart home app or to set the system automatically to lock your doors and shut off the lights. It's really just one less thing you have to worry about.”

Telus Security Fort Sask

Another important feature of the smart home security system is that it allows the user to control everything in the home remotely. For instance, it is possible to open the garage door when a package is delivered so that it is not left sitting on the porch for a long time. It is also a possible to allow friends or family to enter through the front door if they don’t have the keys or don’t know the pass code and the user is not yet home.

The system can also be used to control cameras inside the home, allowing the user to view various parts of the home remotely. Thus, even if the homeowner is traveling or at the office, it is possible to check on what is happening inside the home. Security cameras can be installed by the door and these cameras can be activated by motion. These cameras may also have night vision allowing the user to see intruders even in the dark. They will also automatically start recording when motion is detected inside the home. This can be used get a record of any event and may be used for whatever purpose.

In addition through the possibility of remote control of the home security system, it is also possible to control “non-security” devices, such as the air conditioning or heating system or any other household appliance. Home security systems can support smart plugs that allow the remote control of any household appliance. For instance, they can be used to control smart thermostats, allowing the user to reduce energy costs automatically.

Meanwhile, Telus/Cambridge Electronics Inc., which has the goal of helping people find the best possible mobile experience, is ready to assist people in choosing a smart home security system that that is suitable for their needs and preferences. They specialize in sales and service for all Telus mobile cellular phones, smartphones, Apple iPhones, mobile Internet keys, tablets, and a broad range of cellular accessories. Their service area includes: Fort Saskatchewan, Sherwood Park, Strathcona County, Edmonton, Gibbons, Redwater, Sturgeon County, Lamont, Smoky Lake, Bruderheim, and neighbouring areas.

The company is composed of a team of Telus specialists, tinkerers and professional problem solvers to make them the best Telus service provider. They are ready to make it easy for customers to choose the appropriate wireless device and match it up with the accessories they require, integrate with web services, share them on social networks, and monitor their results.

Those who are interested in learning more about how a smart home security system can be beneficial for the home can check out the Telus/Cambridge Electronics Inc. website, or contact them on the phone or via email. They are open from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm, from Monday to Friday; 9:30 am to 6:00 pm on Saturdays; and 11:00 am to 5:00 pm on Sundays.

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About Telus&Koodo/Cambridge Electronics Incorporated :

We’re a team of about a dozen Telus Specialists, professional problem solvers, tinkerers, and all around geeks, working around the clock to make Cambridge Electronics Incorporated the best Telus Service Provider in the universe.

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