Brighton and Hove Marketing Agency Launches Lead Generation and Landline Texting Service

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Quantum Business Dynamics, a marketing company based in Brighton and Hove, East Sussex, UK, is happy to announce the launch of their TextLeadsPro, a lead generation and landline texting solution. This service allows companies and business enterprises to quickly interact with their website visitors at that particular moment when they are most interested in the product or service of the company.

George Ogunsiji, Marketing Director and Business Growth Strategist at Quantum Business Dynamics, says, “Business enterprises are losing out on several opportunities to create more revenue simply due to the fact that they don’t have a reliable method to grab the attention of their perfect prospects and communicate with them in a way that feels most comfortable to their visitors. When a service remains in a position to react by text within 5 minutes of a consumer enquiry, that can make the distinction between the consumer ultimately making a purchase or straying to a rival.”

Using TextLeadsPro is reported to be easy. Businesses can simply install an eye-catching, but non-distracting, lead widget on their website. This gives customers the chance to complete their info to read more regarding their organisation or services. This widget is fully customisable, including the appearance of the widget on the site and the language used. Meanwhile, after the customers have entered their info into the lead widget, they can have their concerns responded to as quickly as possible.

The messages from the customers are completely monitored and retained by the software, thus allowing the services to have a complete record of the text discussions. The software application also allows companies to create customer-tailored automatic responses enabling them to interact in real-time with their customers. For those who want to know more about TextLeadsPro, they can click here.

The SMS widget serves as a reliable interaction bridge through which organisations can interact with their potential clients in an enticing but non-threatening manner. With TextLeadsPro, site visitors and potential customers are motivated to contact the business by texting the landline. This offers significant marketing and advertising opportunities for the businesses. They can also efficiently demonstrate reciprocity to their potential customers and that they are really committed to ensuring the welfare of their customers.

George Ogunsiji believes that TextLeadsPro offers an easy but very effective way for companies to rebound from the negative impact of the Covid pandemic. By simply installing a line of code to their website the business can have theTextLeadsPro widget on their site, which enables potential customers to access to their site by using their smart phones, and to text their questions to the company in real time. This allows the company to get leads and develop a valuable list to optimise the conversion of all site traffic. The organisation is also able to establish a closer relationship with its customers by allowing them to chat with a representative within the business, which nurtures trust, an element that is vital in the buying decision.

Meanwhile, many of Quantum Business Dynamics' clients have expressed their appreciation of the services they have received. For instance, Claire S. the founder of a psychotherapy practice in Brighton and Hove remarks, “During the last 2 years my practice has grown significantly and I can only put this down to the marketing expertise and support of QB Dynamics. George and his team have helped us to attract and maintain a growing client base and they have been patient in explaining how digital marketing actually works i.e. what to do and what not to do. Given the business transformation we've experienced with the support of QB Dynamics, I feel excited about future opportunities to develop even further and I would not hesitate to recommend George and his team.”

Quantum Business Dynamics is committed to helping companies optimise their revenue by focusing on four key areas. These are reputation, reach, reselling, and referrals.

Those who are interested in learning more about how TextLeadsPro can help their business can check out the Quantum Business Dynamics website at, or contact them on the phone or through email.

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Quantum Business Dynamics are a marketing analysis and research consultancy based in Brighton and Hove, UK

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