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Brighton and Hove Digital Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics Launches Free Search Engine Optimization Report

February 08, 2022
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Brighton and Hove digital marketing agency, Quantum Business Dynamics, has launched a free SEO report to help local firms attract more customers, clients, and patients.

The SEO report from Quantum Business Dynamics presents businesses are that new to the world of internet marketing with an overview of the latest proven SEO techniques that are being used by companies around the world to drive high-quality traffic and generate sales. The report urges businesses to read it thoroughly to gain an in-depth understanding of what they are doing wrong and how they can change their internet marketing strategy to grab the audience from their competitors.

The report begins with a case study into Finish Line, an online retail company that was struggling to expand its scope and operations. The company commissioned a website audit which involved an extensive analysis of its website and marked out avenues for improvement. The company implemented three core changes based on the audit’s findings - (i) it crafted brand new relevant content that targeted the most valuable keywords in its industry, (ii) it added a recommendations feature that increased its on-page SEO optimization, and (iii) it built a dashboard to track the long-term effect of the changes that it implemented. The report then says that Finish Line managed to achieve a 65% increase in page-1 rankings in one month, a 258% increase in website visits in one year, and a 160% increase in website page views.

George Ogunsiji, founder of Quantum Business Dynamics, says that such stellar results are possible and achievable with just a little planning and vision. "SEO is a very powerful way for a business to significantly increase to increase visibility in organic search results, and this is conducive to more and more potential prospects finding the site and ultimately making a purchase," states Ogunsiji. "The challenge here is to implement search optimization in such a way that the search engine behemoths like Google and Bing can clearly see the value of the site content to prospective searchers and mark them accordingly as having high credibility and authority within the respective niche or industry."

The SEO report then breaks down the essential pillars of good and effective SEO - SEO indexing, site content, on-page optimization, and off-page optimization. The report goes on to explain each of these in great detail and their importance is supplemented using real-world examples. SEO indexing is a fairly technical endeavoUr that ensures that the site is structured in such a way that Google’s algorithms can discern the content and keywords clearly, enabling them to showcase the website to the right audience who are looking for the exact information that the site is offering.

The report identifies site content as the fundamental "pitch" that the business is making to its ideal customer, client, or patient. This may involve the business in stressing its core strengths and conveying them clearly using techniques such as case studies to demonstrate what separates its products and services from the competition, user testimonials, and reviews that support the claims of the quality of its products and services. A business might also include, within its site content, information about the people behind the business, and exciting offers that give prospects who come across the site for the first time a reason to bite the bullet and purchase its offerings.

The report also discusses the importance of both on and off-page optimization. with on-page optimization involving logical structuring of the website content to ensure (i) keywords are given prominence, (ii) URLs are descriptive, (iii) the page headlines are relevant, and (iv) that the content has plenty of calls to action to encourage sales. The report refers to off-page optimization primarily involving the building of backlinks that signal to the search engine that the content on the page is trustworthy and offers plenty of value.

The report then dives into other topics such as the importance of using Yelp for SEO to get a local business noticed by Google, tracking the effect of SEO strategies using tools such as Google Analytics, tracking rankings for keyword phrases, tracking user behavioUr flow, tracking conversions, and the need for a website to be optimized for mobile platforms.

For business owners who see the value increased customer reach and traffic can bring to their business and would like further information, Quantum Business Dynamics can be contacted on +44(0)1273 917434 or by email: The full SEO report can be accessed here:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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