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Hove Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics Releases New Traffic Report

February 08, 2022
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Quantum Business Dynamics, a Brighton and Hove-based marketing agency, is pleased to announce the launch of its new report - "How To Convert Visitors Into Buyers":

According to the Hove marketing agency, the report explains how businesses can stop losing a large percentage of their website visitors to their competition, and reveals the number one tool companies can use to capture a large percentage of their online visitor traffic. It also outlines how they can boost new customer, client or patient conversion — all within as little as 48 hours.

The authors of the report help clients generate more business using tried and tested, principle-based marketing and communication strategies designed to attract new business, re-engage lost opportunities, and maximize revenue from existing customers, clients, or patients. Many businesses find that, with Quantum Business Dynamics' strategic insights, they are able to attract more profitable, higher-value customers and clients. The agency's focus is on helping its clients attract the right audience who are ready, willing, and able to buy the products and services that offer the largest returns with the least effort.

Quantum Business Dynamics' founder, George Ogunsiji, comments: “The core objective of the company is to help our clients attain their growth potential by focussing on just four key areas, areas that we refer to as the four "Rs" - Reputation, Reach, Resell and Referral.” Ogunsiji continues, “We help our clients build, manage and promote their online reputation so that they become the preferred and trusted choice for their ideal prospects. We help our clients get seen wherever their ideal prospects may be so that they get the sale rather than their competitors."

Convert visitors into buyers

The agency warns against relying on traditional customer or client referrals as the sole means of promotion. “A great many businesses, particularly in the home services niche, are heavily dependent on offline word of mouth to keep their business afloat and don't see value in digital marketing. However, I do wonder whether they have ever considered just how unpredictable this can be, or indeed how much business they could in fact be losing, simply because they do not have a way to generate referrals automatically. Referral Marketing is the fourth cog in our R4 marketing system, and we help businesses generate online referrals like clockwork.”

​“Our focus in everything we do is to ensure that we can genuinely deliver results,” says Ogunsiji. “This means that there will be many businesses with whom we would decline to work, simply because we cannot guarantee that we can help them. However, for those businesses that do qualify with us, we'll take their business, their market, and their objectives into detailed consideration. Whether they are seeking to increase their ‘Reach’ and improve brand visibility or improve ‘Resell’ to maximize their lifetime customer revenue, we always start by assessing their problem or challenges, their exact requirements, and the results they expect to achieve. All of this is undertaken via in-depth consultation and research, and we then plan and propose the best solution. With our client's approval, we launch the plan and monitor its progress. We tweak it according to the results and repeat the process to deliver the desired outcomes and push on to further growth.”

The agency is currently fielding enquiries from interested parties. Businesses may contact Quantum Business Dynamics to discuss their needs as well on +44(0)1273 917434 or by email:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Quantum Business Dynamics:

Quantum Business Dynamics are a marketing analysis and research consultancy based in Brighton and Hove, UK

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