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Hove Marketing Agency Quantum Business Dynamics Launches FREE Email Marketing Report

February 10, 2022
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Hove Marketing Consultants, Quantum Business Dynamics, have launched a report that outlines the best strategies for a business to grow its customer base using one of the most popular internet marketing techniques out there - email marketing.

Email marketing is almost as old as the internet itself. The first mass email sent out to DEC’s clients via the ARPANET in 1978 led to almost $13 million in sales for the company. Email marketing, though being an old form of customer outreach, is orders of magnitude more effective than other marketing channels. According to a statistic from Campaign Monitor, email marketers on its platform returned as much as $44 for every one dollar spent, which equates to an average ROI of 4400%. Comparatively, paid advertising is known to have an average ROI of only 200%.

Free Guide - more customers and clients with email

One of the reasons that email marketing is so effective compared to PPC advertising is that PPC ads are only served passively to an internet user. The customer, though they may fit the target demographic, may not be interested in the business’s services, leading to a lot of wasteful spending. In contrast, a business can only obtain an email when a user chooses to hand it over to them of their own volition through a signup form. This signifies that the user who is being marketed to is actively interested in, or, is at least aware of the business’s products. This changes the dynamic significantly and makes email marketing one of the most effective ways of getting the word out.

Quantum Business Dynamics' report outlines several tips and strategies that companies can use to elevate conversion rates and dramatically increase sales and annual revenue. Emails can be extensively customized with templates, videos, and images to create an entryway into the business’s marketing funnel. Depending on the responses generated by the emails, recipients can also be tracked according to how far they are within the funnel, making customization of further communication even more targeted. Email marketing success is also very easy to track using insights such as click-through and conversion rates.

The report then describes the different kinds of emails that can be sent out as part of a marketing campaign. These include informational emails such as new content announcements, product updates, digital magazines or newsletters, event invitations, and transactional emails such as confirmation messages, form submission notifications, and welcome messages.

Email marketers can also deploy a number of tricks to optimize their time and effort and elicit more responses to their emails. Using limited time or limited stock offers to draw a user’s attention to the email, choosing the right colour for the body content and text, providing measured and helpful content, and utilizing social proof to establish credibility are just some of the powerful methods recommended within the free report.

The report then presents a case study wherein email automation increased a business’s revenue by 300% in less than 3 months. An open rate of 244% was achieved coupled with a 161% increase in click rate, resulting in a staggering 330% increase in revenue per mailing. The report also lists some of the best email marketing and newsletter apps currently available on the market and provides readers with the key steps to creating a high-converting email strategy.

Business owners who would like to learn more on how Quantum Business Dynamics may help them increase business revenues through the power of email can contact the company at +44(0)1273 917434 or by Readers who want to check out the Email Marketing report and use its suggestions to craft a killer strategy for their business can request it here.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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