Ultimate Flags One of America’s Most Patriotic Company’s Celebrates Our 1st Amendment

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Okeechobee, Florida -

Okeechobee, Florida-based online seller Ultimate Flags established themselves many years ago as one of America’s most patriotic companies. That’s why now they are taking the time to acknowledge their strong support for the 1st Amendment rights that the US Constitution gives its citizens. That is the right to such inalienable rights as freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly, and to petition. Many of this company’s flags and other items reflect their highly patriotic attitude. None of this is surprising coming from a company that puts America first and whose owners are direct decedents of Paul Revere.

The company’s spokesperson, Jonica Hough, says, “We here at Ultimate flags think everyone should be proud of the country they live in. Our country is not perfect but it's still the best and our customers like to show they feel the same way. Here we also don’t believe that history and traditions should be erased and it’s the right of every American to express themselves freely. That’s why we like to take the time to say that we support not only first amendment rights but also the other rights that our forefathers had the keen sense to add to the constitution. We will continue to express our patriotism and heritage and put out flags and other products that help others do the same.”

Dont Tread on Me Flag Patriotic Betsy Ross Vintage 3 x 5 Outdoor

Hough says they are proud to show their stance on the 1st amendment because it seems like many of the freedoms that were granted in the Constitution and the subsequent Bill of Rights are under threat these days. She says that’s not something that should be taken lightly after all of the thought and careful considerations that the country’s forefathers took as they drafted these important documents. The amendments in the Bill of Rights have worked for almost 250 years and helped catapult America to the top of the world pecking order and Hough sees no point in trying to change them now. According to her, many others purchasing their flags and banners feel the same way and Ultimate Flags is happy to help them express themselves.

The company’s founder added, “Ultimate Flags is America's oldest online flag store. Where every flag tells a story. Whether you are a collector of historical flags, a true American Patriot, want a Rebel Flag, Military flags, or anything in between, we've got you covered.”

Those who have purchased flags or banners and left Ultimate Flags reviews rave about this company's patriotism, customer service, and efficient shipping. Alexander Rasmussen wrote, “Fantastic experience, awesome flag, and excellent customer service. I will definitely do business again with Ultimate Flags.” Janice Scheffler stated, “Ultimate Flags has great customer service. They sent me an awesome USA flag and Trump flag. If you are in Florida, they have next day shipping too! Great people to do business with! Thank you, John, for the included surprise!”

First amendment rights are not the only ones that this company strongly backs either. They show that by offering a whole collection of flags based on the 2nd Amendment right of American citizens to keep and bear arms. Hough says there are some 50 flags and banners in this collection and reflect all different levels of expression on 2nd amendment rights. They are also strong supporters of the military and have many flags and banners that reflect this. She says they have flags and banners that represent each branch of the military, specific elite units within those branches, POW’s, and some that depict the past wars that America has fought in. The company’s founder mentioned military members past and present are an important part of their customer base. They even post many blogs on their website which showcase the heroic deeds that American soldiers past and present have done.

Their Ultimate Flags BBB A+ rating is one that the company is very proud of too. Here several more glowing reviews can be seen that have been left by customers that appreciate the excellent service that Ultimate Flags has provided for them. More information on this company’s American made products and their patriotic story can be seen on their website.

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