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Ultimate Flags Continues Paying It Forward

November 01, 2021
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Okeechobee, Florida -

Okeechobee, FL based Ultimate Flags Inc is taking new steps to give back to the community amid a new wave of support and glowing reviews. The company is reaffirming their commitment to supporting non-profit groups to help the Armed Forces both in the US and abroad as well as 1st Responders dealing with trauma in the line of duty.

National pride and patriotism is a vital part of the company’s identity. As their website states, Ultimate Flags is proudly owned by descendants of none other than Paul Revere, an essential figure in the history of the American Revolution. The company believes that it is important for them to continue to uphold this legacy today, and their efforts in this regard include donating to various non-profit groups that share their values as well as raising awareness of the immense challenges that face the men and women working to protect the nation.

9/11 Heroes signed flag for Ultimate Flags

The company has also built a reputation for manufacturing flags of excellent quality, designed to withstand both the elements and the test of time. As a result of their manufacturing process, excellent customer service and commitment to supporting the country’s Armed Forces and 1st Responders, Ultimate Flags frequently receives stellar 5-Star reviews from their customers.

Taleen B. says in the top-rated Google review, “Ultimate flags is such a great company! I’ve purchased seven flags from them, and they’ve sent me numerous appreciation letters for supporting them and great free gifts. They constantly keep you up to date when your flag is ready to be shipped (because some flags were out of stock), and there’s never a concern that you will not be getting your flag. Additionally, their flags have such great material, and more than anything I am so thankful for their patriotism. I highly recommend purchasing their flags.”

Another customer on the same platform shares some insight on the strength of Ultimate Flags’ customer service and support. Their review says, “I was looking for a certain flag that was really hard to find, so I Googled it, and this website had it. I was glad to see that they sold it. When I was setting up my account, I had some issues with my password setup, so I called their number, and the person on the phone was really helpful in setting up my password. I ordered my flag, and a tracking number was provided, which was great because some companies don't do that. And when I received my flag, I liked it. They were even nice enough to provide some cool items like a sticker, a pamphlet, instructions on caring for my flag and a coupon for 5 dollars off my next purchase. Overall, I was satisfied, and I recommend this website for anyone who wants a cool flag.” More Ultimate Flags reviews can be found on the company’s Better Business Bureau profile as well.

Through the Ultimate Flags store, customers may browse for and purchase nearly every flag imaginable, from national and state flags to political flags, seasonal flags, holiday flags and even more creative or whimsical categories like pirate flags. The company believes that every one of their customers deserves to have a flag that represents their ideals or personality, and they do not discriminate between one type of flag or the other. As a result, customers will always find that most of (if not all) the flags they receive are made to the same high standard.

The company explains, “We understand that people often buy flags to represent themselves, and we are proud to have customers that use our products for such a personal purpose. This is also why we offer flags made with 100% synthetic waterproof materials, bright fade-resistant dyes, double stitched edges, reinforced grommet holes and more. We are also proud to do what we can to help the people protecting the liberties some of these flags stand for. Anyone who wants to see more or make their own contribution is welcome to see news on Ultimate Flags helping our Armed Forces through our website and social media channels.”

Customers can also look for the flags they are interested in and learn more about the company’s manufacturing process on their official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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