Meet Mark Lutchman The Man Who Went From A Restaurant Worker To Social Media Video Tycoon Shares His Secrets

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Mark Lutchman never pulls any punches. Mark Lutchman is an incredibly controversial and enigmatic social media and internet personality who has been roasted and lambasted across the internet. Not long ago Mark Lutchman was down on his luck. He had just lost all of his incredibly well trafficked social media accounts, where he monetized video views. And business was good. Mark went from, as he stated, "Making great money, and delivering value to people about something that I cared about. To having all my social media accounts banned and fan pages deleted. I was devastated. I had to pick myself up off the floor and start from scratch. At one point I had to go to work at a restaurant to pay the bills. But that is what entrepreneurs do. We don't accept defeat. We accept setbacks and use that as fuel for the fire."

He has also becoming very successful at helping influencers monetize their audience. Lutchman said that, "it might come as a surprise to some of you, but being an "influencer" in and of itself, doesn't pay very well. We are ultimately salespeople. We sell ourselves, we sell access to our audience. If we want to continue to be full time media personalities then we need to find a way to make money consistently. That is what he has done with other influencers. He creates videos for their YouTube channel and curates videos designed to engage the influencer's audience. Mark then monetizes the videos with ads.

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When asked what is the secret to creating a great video, Lutchman said, "Creating a viral video is about knowing the audience. Finding a topic that people care about in that exact moment in time. And then connecting with someone that has a large enough audience so that money can be made from the ad views." Lutchman is an entrepreneur at heart and lovesworking with others that share the same values of hard work, dedication and patriotism.

Mark has worked with names like JoelPatrick, Terrence Williams, The Hodgetwins and others on these types of video marketing. Mark stated, "It's super important to understand the influencer's audience before pitching them a video. I work with infuencers in a variety of niches and understand how to create catchy headlines and curate videos based on trending topics. It really is about knowing what is driving the pulse of the news at the time. Knowing the audience and what they care about is paramount in 'going viral'."

Mark also went on to say that, "Networking has been huge for me. Getting connected to people that share the same goals and support me and allow us both to create something larger than we could apart is so important."

Mark Lutchman is available as a consultant to teach people who are looking to learn the secrets of going viral and accumulating a large and engaged social audience.

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About Mark Lutchman :

Mark Lutchman is an American patriot and God fearing man. He is an black conservative news commentator and news agency.

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