Mark Lutchman Teaches The Value Of Personal Branding

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Conservative social media influencer Mark Lutchman is taking steps to share his inside knowledge on building a personal brand. As an influencer whose own journey into the social media stratosphere began with a video that turned into a surprise viral hit, he believes that many people have the opportunity to reach similar heights if they combine a strong work ethic with the insights he has to share.

Lutchman is quick to acknowledge that his brand was not built on a foundation of professional training or education. Instead, his first viral video took him completely by surprise as he had not expected it to resonate so strongly with such a large audience. His second video fared similarly well. At this point, some may be quick to assume that Mark Lutchman had a background in marketing and advertising. This is true to a point—he was working full time at a car dealership as an auto salesman and only decided to share his thoughts on politics in his free time. However, he had never received any formal instruction on catering to an online audience. This, he says, is evidence that anyone can take the social media world by storm if they put their minds to it.

Mark Lutchman

According to Lutchman, the key to becoming a known force in the online world is to build a personal brand, one that clearly showcases who the influencer is and what they typically stand for. As time goes on and the creator in question uploads more content to their social media platform of choice, their brand will act as a signal fire to like-minded individuals (and often even detractors) who will follow them in order to stay up to date with their latest posts. As such, their personal brand is somewhat equivalent to an audience’s first impressions of the creator and their work.

“Brand building is an essential step in taking content creation from a part-time hobby to a full-time career,” says Lutchman. “Many people miss the opportunity but there are also three components to brand building that I believe are the recipe for a successful brand.” He adds, “Those foundational components are Viral content, Networking and Community Building. If you can master the art of the viral content using the method listed above, that’s great.”

The influencer must take every measure they can to create content that has the potential to go viral in some way. Lutchman observes that many hit a brief period of fame when a video of theirs (or in which they are featured) goes viral, but relatively few capitalize on this opportunity to further their image in the public eye. Any content that reaches viral status will likely lose steam in a short period, so the only way to maintain public perception of the influencer is to keep generating content. This leads into another crucial aspect of personal branding: building a community.

Lutchman explains, “You want to have a community of viewers who will come back to your brand for more every single day. This means consistently using the virality method on a day to day basis. The more you get people talking and engaging with one another, the more likely they are going to return every day for more.”

He cautions, however, that success often does come about if a person attempts to stay isolated within their own bubble. As with many other types of careers, it is vitally important for people building their personal brand to network with their peers, giving them the ability to expose other audiences to their content as well as contributing to the influencer’s ability to monetize their work and build name recognition (even among those who do not necessarily subscribe to their content). Lutchman states, “Mastering the scientific method behind quality viral content and brand building is a surefire way to put yourself ahead of the competition in this day in age where just about everybody wants to build a brand.”

More information can be found on Mark Lutchman’s official website as well as other online resources. Social media users and content creators working on their personal brand are also welcome to follow Lutchman on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and so on to stay in touch with his latest posts. Read more about Lutchman’s work at the following link: Mark Lutchman Thrive Global.

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Mark Lutchman is an American patriot and God fearing man. He is an black conservative news commentator and news agency.

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