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True Dog Lovers Take Adorable Photos of Their Pups and Submit Heartwarming Rescue Stories

April 17, 2020
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Scottsdale, Arizona, based GoodPooch has unveiled a collaborative new venture on their canine based website that aims to bring dog lovers together virtually. Developed with the intention of uniting dog lovers across the USA, the website has introduced an aspect of their website where owners may submit cute dog pictures and videos, along with the backstory of how they rescued or adopted their pooch. Once submitted, the pictures or videos are posted across the GoodPooch’s social media platforms for everyone to enjoy and share. After seeing such cute dogs and reading their heartfelt stories, people are quite often inclined to comment and interact with one another.

During the present health crisis facing the world with COVID-19, when everyone is told to maintain social distancing, the site hopes their interactive nature will bring dog owners together. People have a unique opportunity to be apart, yet united at the same time, thanks to the Internet. GoodPooch hopes it can do just that for people who share a love for canines.

While some of the story submissions are lighthearted and entertaining, others are tearjerkers for dog lovers. Stories like Freddie’s, an adorable white Bichon Frise, promise to pull on our heartstrings. Before being rescued from a pound, Freddie had fur that was full of mats and he was overall malnourished. The pound suspected he had been left on the streets to fend for himself quite some time. Luckily, after being rescued by Monica, his life became happy with days spent frolicking through the snow and playing with the best toys.

dog stories - dog rescueA similar story featured on their social media details the rough start to a Boxer and German Shepherd mixed breed named Mikey. Before being rescued by Vincent, Mikey’s previous owner abused him badly. After being thrown down a flight of stairs and breaking his leg in the process, Mikey was lucky enough to find his forever home with Vincent. Now, Mikey spends his days filled with true love going on adventures and taking much-deserved naps.

Another moving story comes from Teresa, the owner of a Rat Terrier and Chihuahua. "Sparky was rescued from the side of road 10 years ago. Sissy was rescued from a bad owner 7 years ago. They have been my support since my son passed away and are now part of the family,” Teresa says. Dog stories like these are not only moving, but most result in happy endings. During hard times like when everyone is in quarantine at home, these uplifting and happy stories can be a wonderful way for dog owners to feel they are part of something meaningful.

In addition to providing this opportunity for pet owners to come together virtually, GoodPooch is a site that features important information regarding dog healthcare and wellness, breed information, and resources to find a trusted veterinarian in your area. They also offer recommendations on finding the nearest no-kill shelters. Check out GoodPooch’s innovative website to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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