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GoodPooch Offers Valuable Information About Your Dog's Health

March 18, 2020
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Scottsdale, Arizona, based GoodPooch has issued an announcement detailing the release of valuable and highly educational dog content on their new website. In addition to their focus on prevalent issues in the canine world concerning health, well-being, and overall care for dogs, the site is also dedicated to educating people on specific breed information. Moreover, the site offers exclusive tools for pet owners, such as a list to a directory of no-kill shelters and easy to find reputable, local vet across the USA.

dog diarrhea

If those features are not intriguing enough for curious canine lovers, GoodPooch is a site that keeps on giving. In addition to the helpful information and tips pet lovers, the interactive website also allows dog owners to connect with one another on social media, read heartwarming pet stories, and enter for a chance to win incredible prizes that are directly related to canine ownership.

Through their site and across their main social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter), dog owners can enter their pet’s story of rescue, adoption or just share the love for their canine. The puppy or dog’s picture and story will be broadcast across their social media platforms, giving the chance for pet lovers to interact with the post and connect with like-minded dog people. Fellowship among dog lovers like the gorgeous Labrador Retriever is increased substantially with this beautiful site and message.

“We wanted GoodPooch to be the go-to-platform for informative pet advice and information. In order to get this educational information out there and create a space for dog lovers to connect. Not only is the information on health and breed information being shared, but owners are participating in opportunities submit their dogs through our responsive website easily. Owners across the nation have a special connection through their love of canines. Because of this unique bond, it is incredible to see the discussions and sharing that has occurred because of our site’s efforts,” says founder, Steve Miller.

Currently on their site are educational articles regarding critical dog health concerns, from conditions as commonplace as dog diarrhea and ear mites to the dreaded hot spots that often occur in humid weather. Diarrhea in canines can be a normal occurrence for dogs dealing with stress, anxiety, or an allergic reaction. However, some dogs may experience chronic bouts of it as a result of undetected diseases or after consuming a poisonous substance.

When it comes to tiny ear mites, a simple brush against a tree or another animal is often enough for a mite to transfer to a dog. Inflamed, irritated skin and agitated behavior are frequent symptoms of an infestation. Hot spots may occur anywhere on the dog’s skin. These aggravated areas arise from the dog chewing, digging, or clawing at the skin. In most cases, an infection, bug bite, or allergies can trigger these harmful reactions.

These are only tiny snippets of excellent canine education and widely appealing and cute dog pictures on their website. GoodPooch plans to continue providing valuable content to new and experienced dog owners alike. Check out the GoodPooch website for more canine fun.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About GoodPooch:

GoodPooch offers health and specific dog breed information, as well as dog giveaways and monthly pet submissions contest for the most liked and loved dog by our fans.

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