Kennected Shows Businesses How To Grow During The Corona Shutdown

April 06, 2020
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The lead generation experts at Kennected are reaching out to business owners across the US to discuss how they can make the most out of the current COVID-19 shutdown. In particular, the company hopes that their advice can help these businesses keep growing during these challenging times.

With more states joining the COVID-19 shutdown and adopting self-quarantine measures, business owners are beginning to consider what measures they can take to minimize losses and continue expanding in this period. While some have come to accept that their business will take a significant hit during the outbreak, others are actively looking for innovative ways to remain functional. In their latest article, titled How Can You Grow Your Business During The Corona Shutdown? Kennected outlines five of the most effective strategies that business owners can use to continue prospering over the coming months.

"We are certainly dealing with uncharted territories that can make any business owner apprehensive. Creative and cunning minds who get ahead of the circumstances will be rewarded, while stale and reactive business owners will struggle to stay afloat until this all passes," says Devin Johnson, a representative of Kennected. "Despite the obstacles and challenges posed by the outbreak, there are still ways that you can engage with your customers and generate revenue. The key is that you must adjust your strategies and understand where your consumer is in terms of their financial stability, safety and similar factors."

According to Johnson, several strategies have proven to be effective even in situations like this. People will still have the same needs despite the difficulties and hardships they now face, even though their priorities may have shifted. The company advises that businesses keep this in mind as they figure out their next move.

"Regardless of what your company has to offer, there are still people with a need no matter how tight their money might be," states the company. Connecting with these customers is of the utmost importance at this time, and while there are different ways to do so, the most effective continues to be social media platforms and emails. "Send them an email or write a post to let them know that you are still operating, and what you're offering. Many businesses have closed their doors or are reducing hours of operation, so this simple reassurance should be enough to bring in a new stream of customers."

While all companies should keep their customers informed of their operations at all times, Kennected states that many are failing to do so. As a result, they end up losing their customer base to competitors. Learning to build these connections, both with new and long-time customers, is the best way to reach the company's financial goals. This outreach strategy can be supplemented by putting together special offers and including them in all outgoing emails in order to encourage customers to continue patronizing the company.

Once connections have been established with these customers, the LinkedIn outreach automation experts state that the next, most important step is to keep them engaged with the company. Developing and publishing good content is the best way to do so and, if used correctly, it should also help the company rank above other competitors in search engines, attracting even more eager customers.

With all these new goals and strategies in mind, it should now be clear that growing a business amid these trying times is far from an impossible task. The main challenge that most business owners will face now is how to put these ideas in motion. Johnson says, "We'll be welcoming new clients during this time and offering our advice and guidance to get you going. We will teach you how to automate your search for new customers and help you adapt to next-generation methods that are going to work for you. You can throw out the old and outdated processes that you have used previously that didn’t work. We can give you the pieces to the puzzling that you’ve been missing."

The company's website offers more details on Kennected and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Devin Johnson to follow up on any further inquiries as well. Similarly, those interested in learning more about the company may visit the following link to explore further: What Is LinkedIn Automation?

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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