Industrial Noise Control Consultant, RML Acoustics, LLC, Now Offering Their Services in the Southeast and Beyond

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RML Acoustics, LLC is a Florida based company that specializes in architectural and environmental acoustic related services. One of their most popular services is when a customer asks them to act on their behalf as an Industrial noise control consultant. Company personnel have been known to travel all over the Southeastern USA and elsewhere in the country to perform their highly sought-after industrial noise consultation services. The company even recently opened another branch in Charlotte, North Carolina in order to better handle the demand for their industrial noise consultation and other acoustic services in the Southeast.

The company’s industrial noise control services are led by Principal Consultant and Owner Robert M. Lilkendey. He brings to the table more than 23 years of experience in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics. The company owner is a recognized expert in the field of industrial noise control and has vast experience resolving noise and vibration issues in industrial settings. His broad background in the field was gained by doing such tasks as taking undergraduate and graduate-level courses on hearing and audiology, conducting extensive research on noise exposure in the workplace, and he has worked on hundreds of projects that involved noise mitigating designs for mechanical equipment. Lilkendey has even published a well-received paper titled “Protecting the Construction Worker from Construction Noise” which was featured back in 1994 at the 5th Annual Rinker International Conference that focused on construction safety and loss control.

Lilkendey stated these thoughts on why noise control in an industrial setting is so important, “Many people do not realize that one of the most common workplace injuries is hearing loss. It does not get as much attention as other more dramatic workplace injuries because it impacts a person slowly over time. It happens when machinery and other equipment in an industrial setting constantly put out more decibels of noise than the human ear is meant to handle over a prolonged period of time. This usually involves such noise as the low constant drone of machinery that workers do not even realize how harmful being exposed to it can be. Industrial workplace noise also contributes to other workplace accidents because it is known to do such things as increase fatigue, cause concentration problems, and it also limits the clarity of important communications between workers. It is such a significant health risk in an industrial work environment that OSHA inspectors regularly check the noise levels of the companies that they visit.”

The company owner says that when they perform the duties of an environmental noise engineer in an industrial setting, they focus on two main areas. The first has to do with performing an environmental noise impact survey for a company. They do this by taking acoustical measurements throughout an industrial facility. This includes such measurements as the number of decibels that each machine in a factory produces. Lilkendey stated that they will then analyze this data to identify problem noise areas within a company’s industrial components.

He says after that they will then take the analyzed results and give recommendations on how a company can reduce the harmful noise exposure to their workers. The noise level in industrial settings can be controlled and lowered by doing such things as building acoustical barriers and equipment enclosures, doing room acoustic treatments, relocating equipment, performing equipment modifications, installing duct silencing equipment, and implementing vibration isolation measures. The company owner also pointed out that in addition to the previously mentioned steps, they may also recommend limiting the number of hours an employee spends in a hazardous noise area, suggest that some equipment only be run at times when fewer employees are present, and giving advice as to what type of hearing protection a company needs to supply to their workers.

Lilkendey also wanted to remind people that the scope of the business goes well beyond just offering industrial noise control services. The company has also established a solid reputation as a competent architectural acoustic designer and tester. The owner says they have also been called upon numerous times to provide expert witness testimony at public hearings or act on behalf of the defense at trials.

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About RML Acoustics, LLC :

Principal Acoustical Consultant Rob Lilkendey is an expert in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics, with 22 years of experience solving noise and vibration issues in buildings and optimizing acoustical environments throughout the USA.

Contact RML Acoustics, LLC:

Rob Lilkendey

14688 NW 150th Lane
Alachua, Florida 32615

(352) 415-4041

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