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Principal Acoustical Consultant Rob Lilkendey is an expert in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics, with 22 years of experience solving noise and vibration issues in buildings and optimizing acoustical environments throughout the USA.

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Rob Lilkendey

14688 NW 150th Lane
Alachua, Florida 32615

(352) 415-4041

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RML Acoustics, LLC

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December 07, 2023
RML Acoustics, LLC, an architectural acoustics company based in Alachua, FL, is offering acoustical testing throughout the southeast Unites States, and particularly in the states of Florida, North Car. (read more...)
January 21, 2020
Alachua, Florida based RML Acoustics, LLC, a noise consultancy service, is pleased to announce the availability of their hotel noise consultation services. (read more...)
November 15, 2019
RML Acoustics would like to make Florida residents aware of their acoustical design services. (read more...)
August 14, 2019
Florida based RML Acoustics LLC would like to make the residents of Miami aware of their consultant services for concert hall acoustics. (read more...)
April 04, 2019
RML Acoustics, LLC recently opened a second location, working as noise control consultants in Charlotte North Carolina to assist, “owners, architects, engineers, and design/build contractors with the . (read more...)
February 25, 2020
RML Acoustics, LLC is a Florida based company that specializes in architectural and environmental acoustic related services. (read more...)
December 19, 2019
RML Acoustics, LLC, a noise control consultant firm based in Alachua, Florida, has revealed that they also offer hospital acoustic consultant services. (read more...)
September 23, 2019
RML Acoustics, LLC, an industrial noise control consultant firm based in Alachua, Florida, has revealed that they provide services to help control environmental noise and other services related to aco. (read more...)
July 11, 2019
RML Acoustics, LLC, based in Alachua, Florida, has announced that they are offering their services as hotel noise control consultants and more. (read more...)