RML Acoustics Offers Concert Hall Acoustic Consultant Services To Residents Of Alachua, Florida

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Florida based RML Acoustics LLC would like to make the residents of Miami aware of their consultant services for concert hall acoustics. Those in the area looking for acoustical consultant services for a wide variety of architectural, mechanical, and environmental projects can find exactly what they are looking for at RML Acoustics. The company has the expertise and resources needed to produce high quality work, regardless of the kind of project they are working on.

Acoustical design is one of the many services they offer, combining architectural expertise with knowledge of acoustics and a study of how best to bring the two together. Multi-family residential and mixed use buildings, hotels, schools, museums, and hospitals are just a few of the many types of buildings whose design must take both architectural design and acoustics into account. RML Acoustics strives to make sure that every space within a particular building meets the highest standards possible in acoustic design.

Noise control and vibration isolation helps clients who are concerned about enduring such distractions from a wide variety of sources. Worrying about disruptive noise and vibration from mechanical, electrical, and plumbing equipment is a thing of the past thanks to RML Acoustics’ MEP noise control and vibration isolation. Their services also help with the management of architectural noise control, sound transmission through building elements (such as interior walls, doors, and floor/ceiling assemblies), and exterior walls, doors, and windows. On an industrial scale, RML Acoustics helps control noise through the use of acoustical barriers, equipment enclosures, room acoustic treatment, equipment modification, duct silencing, and vibration isolation.

Environmental Noise Control is another of the many services offered by RML Acoustics. The service includes long term noise monitoring of construction activities, noise management of energy plants, utility plants, and noise control in industrial settings. The company also provides their services to those looking to manage the noise around outdoor amphitheaters, multi-family housing near highways, and restaurants with amplified music. Clients who need a hospital acoustic consultant can also find the assistance and expertise they require at RML Acoustics.

RML Acoustics has the tools and experience needed to add value to any project by creating spaces that enhance the quality of natural sounds and keep out unwanted disturbances. As they state, “RML Acoustics can help you establish acoustical design goals for your projects and then provide you with the conceptual guidance and technical design assistance needed to meet those goals. Our design services will not only add value to your projects, but can help you avoid acoustical defects and noise and vibration issues in buildings that can lead to dissatisfied clients and costly litigation.”

In case legal proceedings become a necessity, RML Acoustics has an expert witness on hand at all times. Principal Consultant Rob Lilkendey has many years of experience in providing acoustical expert witness testimony at trials, quasi-judicial hearings, city and county commission hearings, and so on related to findings from acoustical studies carried out on behalf of the clients, or as a reviewer of studies conducted by others. “Most often, these projects involve community noise issues, land planning/compatibility issues, eminent domain issues, and disputes involving noise in multi-family residential buildings,” says RML Acoustics. “Rob has been recognized as an expert at trial in Hillsborough County, Miami-Dade County, Sarasota County, and Charlotte County, as well as at quasi-judicial hearings in cities and counties throughout Florida.”

Lilkendey’s thorough knowledge of acoustics, outdoor sound propagation, building acoustics, community noise regulations, acoustical criteria established by various governmental agencies, noise control products and systems (as well as human perceptions of and reactions to noise) make him one of the best choices for those who need an expert witness in a case involving any aspect of the field.

Those looking for a reliable concert hall acoustic consultant may contact RML Acoustics LLC today and begin crafting a solution for their unique sound and vibration related concerns. Building owners or other parties looking to begin a construction project that may not have previously taken noise control and other aspects related to the management of sound into consideration can read and learn more about acoustical design on RML’s informative website.

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About RML Acoustics, LLC :

Principal Acoustical Consultant Rob Lilkendey is an expert in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics, with 22 years of experience solving noise and vibration issues in buildings and optimizing acoustical environments throughout the USA.

Contact RML Acoustics, LLC:

Rob Lilkendey

14688 NW 150th Lane
Alachua, Florida 32615

(352) 415-4041

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