Wentzville Commercial Locksmith Says They are Now Offering More Improved Business Lock Devices and Security-Camera-System Options than Ever Before

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Those at Gateway Lock & Security Cameras state that they always strive to be one of the best business locksmith services in their part of Missouri. One way this Wentzville commercial locksmith does that is by constantly offering new commercial lock and security services. A good example of this is that they now offer more security-camera-system and locksmith options than ever before.

Company spokesperson, Sean Nagle, had this to say about why they offer so many security camera and entry system choices, “Over the years security cameras have gotten a bad rap. Mainly because they are passive security systems and you always see people shooting them out whenever they want to do something bad at a place that has them installed. What people don’t consider is that by the time someone shoots out a security camera their likeness has already been recorded. Security experts like us know the truth about how effective security camera systems really are. That’s why we always recommend the installation of them to our clients that don’t have them. The success that our business customers have had using these security devices as both a deterrent and a means to catch thieves and other criminal wrongdoers, is why we offer such a wide variety of models to our business customers. Not to mention, video footage holds up better than any other type of evidence in a court of law in most situations.”

The company spokesperson says that some of the newer types of security cameras that have come into the marketplace are Point-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras and infrared enhanced cameras that let people still see through them under low light conditions. He says PTZ security cameras are becoming popular among security personal because they can be pointed at an area of interest in a moment’s notice if they see unusual activity in a specific area on a commercial property. Low light infrared security cameras, such as Bullet Security Cameras and IP Security Cameras, allow activities to be seen and recorded in even poorly lit interior and exterior areas on a commercial property.

The company’s newer commercial lock and security options do not stop and start with just security cameras either. Nagle says another one of the main commercial lock systems that people now call them to install are area access control devices. He says the days of issuing multiple sets of master keys to employees are long gone because of all the security concerns that go along with that. Now companies have turned to advanced electronic locking mechanisms to simplify the task of giving people permission to access restricted areas of a business. With these advanced locking devices, companies only have to do such things as issue a magnetic swipe keycard card or an easily changed pushbutton code for employees to be granted entry into a secure area of a business. Nagle says that these systems are now even being upgraded for use with biometric data such as fingerprints and retina scans. He mentioned that newer area control devices can also give accountability data in a secure area. Companies can use that data to determine how much time an employee spends in an area and if theft occurs who was in that area when it took place.

There are many other business lock and security areas that the services at Gateway Lock & Security Cameras address too. This includes fire exit door locks and panic bars. Nagle says the company not only installs these critical emergency egress safety devices but also can set up period inspections to make sure they are working properly at a company. The spokesperson says their talented locksmiths are also very good when it comes to installing and maintaining motion-sensing devices with attached alarms. He says their lock techs are skilled at installing and repairing a wide variety of superior grade commercial mechanical locking devices too. These special locks are significantly stronger than those that are found protecting residential properties.

For more information about Gateway Lock & Security Cameras, Nagle says their staff is always eager to answer questions over the phone and there is plenty of detailed information about their services on the company website too. The company provides professional locksmith services to Wentzville area residential customers too.

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