Chesterfield Locksmith Shares Information On The Benefits Of Restricted Key Systems

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Chesterfield, Missouri based Gateway Lock & Security Cameras (GL&SC) recently published a new article discussing the benefits of using restricted key systems over some of the other alternatives on the market. This article follows through with the company's purpose of raising awareness and helping the community choose the best security system according to their needs.

The traditional lock and key system is the most used across the US, thanks to its convenience and affordability. The main point in this system's favor is the relative safety that it offers at its price-point, being just enough to discourage opportunistic criminals from entering their would-be victim's property. It does little in terms of keeping more determined individuals away from the property, however, as illustrated by the 2.5 million burglaries reported by the US Department of Justice every year. These statistics leave most home and business owners wondering what they can do to prevent unwanted individuals from entering their properties.

"One of the most common questions that we get from our clients concerns what they can upgrade their traditional lock system to. We believe that the most sensible step they can take, in terms of safety at an affordable price, is to install a restricted key system," says Sean Nagle, a representative of Gateway Lock & Security Cameras. "The restricted key system addresses some of the biggest problems that traditional locks have. It prevents the unauthorized duplication of keys and allows the owner to decide who gets access and where. This is highly valuable for businesses and commercial environments that see a significant amount of traffic since every key can be traced to its holder and the lock it activates."

Restricted key systems are ideal for small to large commercial and industrial properties that consist of multiple sites and users. This system can be expanded, as a business grows, with minimum effort, allowing the owner to issue new cards as necessary. These new copies can only be issued by a specific locksmith designated to the key system, and they must be authorized by the business owner beforehand. The locksmith will keep a register of both the number of keys made and to whom they were issued, keeping the owner informed of the number of keys issued, their location and each key holder.

When it comes to safety and lockpick-proofing, the unique design or shape of the keys in a restricted key system consists of complex features that make it highly unlikely that someone can pick the lock. The patented design ensures no one else can manufacture the key blanks, though these can also be customized further so that a key can only open a particular set of locks.

Despite all the advantages that restricted key systems offer, Gateway Lock & Security Cameras states that it is important to evaluate the environment in which it will be used to ensure that this is the best option. Certain alternatives may be more fitting depending on the needs of the owner, though the company states that the only way to be sure is to seek advice from a licensed locksmiths in the area.

Gateway Lock & Security Cameras enjoys a distinguished reputation in the Chesterfield and St. Charles County communities, having helped hundreds of local residents find the best option to keep their property safe. As proof of the community’s support, the company enjoys an outstanding review rating of 4.9 stars on the Google platform.

One of their most recent customer reviews, written by Bob W., says, "I can't fully express how satisfied my experience was with GL&SC. A seemingly simple task that couldn't be done by three other sizable vendors was easily accomplished by this family-owned business. All of the characteristics of a great business were on full display—quality, value, professionalism and punctuality. Add to that the friendly and helpful nature of the owner as well as his son, and I'm sure anyone else affiliated with this company makes this my go-to for all future security and locksmith needs. Kudos!"

The company's website offers more details on Gateway Lock & Security cameras and their services. Interested parties may reach out to Sean Neagle to follow up on any further inquiries as well.

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