Information Shared On Benefits Of Commercial Locks, Access Control Systems, And Other Commercial Security Measures

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Gateway Lock & Security Cameras, a renowned locksmith company based in Chesterfield, Missouri, has published a new article exploring the various types of commercial locks that can be used to protect a business. In the article the company outlines each advantage that these individual systems have to offer. The article was shared as part of Gateway Lock & Security Cameras’s mission to deliver the best possible services to their clients, a core duty they have upheld since their inception as a family-owned enterprise.

The diversity of options available for commercial locks introduces a complexity that many business owners find difficult to navigate alone. As such, they often discover that the mere process of selecting a lock for their commercial space is more difficult than doing the same for their home or personal property. The products designed for commercial use have different functions and security standards than those installed in a home. Different types of commercial locks are better used in certain environments, and understanding the different benefits that each solution has to offer is crucial. In practice, this means that business owners or management teams have to take care with their selection in order to avoid reducing their workforce’s productivity. This is due to the fact that some options are more fit for heavy traffic areas, while others work better in a high-security environment that only sees a few visitors each day.

Sean Nagle, a representative of Gateway Lock & Security Cameras, states, "This is one of the most important decisions that a business owner has to make, as it is a significant investment that should protect their property without interfering with their employees’ movements. For example, installing a keyless entry lock in a business with high employee turnover could save thousands of dollars in key replacements for the company while improving security throughout the building. Other areas with less traffic could benefit from having a regular lock installed, which are significantly cheaper and similarly do not compromise safety."

Gateway Lock & Security Cameras offers a broad variety of commercial lock systems, providing their clients with a fitting solution that suits their needs regardless of what they may be. One of their most popular commercial locks is their Access Control system, which they assert is the best option for businesses that need to monitor their building's traffic closely in diverse areas. This solution can restrict access to employees during certain hours of the day, retaining various levels of permission that may allow certain individuals to enter and leave freely if they are cleared for the area in question. The system's activity can be monitored at all times, and it can even be programmed to send an alarm in case of a security breach. These features make it one of the best security solutions available.

Another commercial lock solution with similar benefits is the Keyless Entry system, which removes the need for issuing, tracking, and replacing keys. This is the better option for businesses with a high number of employees as, over time, it will save enough money to justify the bigger upfront financial investment. This solution provides the company's staff with key cards or fobs that they can swipe against the reader to gain access to certain areas of the building, allowing the owner to program the level of access that each of their employees will have.

As a more robust solution, Gateway Locks & Security Cameras advises their clients to choose a door lock and closure system, which offers the highest level of security possible (at the cost of convenience and ease of access). These systems are designed to prevent unauthorized duplication of keys and have built-in protection against lock picking, bump keying, and drill attacks. An authorization list establishes who does and does not have access to the keyway and whether they are authorized to receive and duplicate keys. This allows business owners total control over how many keys exist at any given time as well as who ordered them—with the option of having a master key that only certain individuals have access to.

The company's website includes more information on their commercial and residential locksmithing services. Furthermore, clients may also reach out to Sean Nagle to follow up on any inquiries they may have. Contact Gateway Lock & Security Cameras today to request an estimate or ask for assistance when choosing a commercial lock solution.

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