Leading Florida Clinic Issues Public Advisory Discussing How Chiropractic Care Can Provide Stress Relief

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Florida Spine and Injury – Ocala, FL has published an article informing the public how chiropractic services can provide stress relief. Dr. Jonathan Walker, DC, speaking on behalf of the premier chiropractic clinic says, “Chronic stress is a growing health hazard across America. We want everyone in our community to lead happy, active and healthy lives. For many people, stress controls their entire life, and that tension becomes self-feeding. Chiropractic care can help interrupt that cycle, helping your body to heal and gain balance.” The full article can be accessed through this link:

The article highlights how a variety of everyday activities can exacerbate the stress and tension present in anyone’s body, many of which most people would not even consider (including their posture and excessive time spent sitting). Even the angle of a head that remains bent most of the time, looking down at phone or laptop screens, can cause issues due to its weight. Any imbalance can cause a ripple effect, particularly if the spine is misaligned or there is a weakness in any nearby muscles.

Dr. Walker explains, “Since many misalignments of the spine impinge on nerves carrying signals, it affects communication throughout the body. This, in turn, can cause a wide range of issues, including digestion problems and low energy. This extra stress makes many people feel overwhelmed, even when they are not in what they consider to be stressful situations. Our advice is to come into one of our offices in Florida for one of our free consultations, and we will do whatever it takes to relieve you of your pain to get your body back to feeling great.”

Dr. Walker and his colleagues at the Ocala based clinic provide services for Chiropractic Care, Personal Injury, Slip and Fall Injuries, Auto Accident Injuries, Work Injuries and more. They acknowledge that, through no fault of their own, many people get involved in accidents and consequently have their lives impacted in unforeseen ways. The center has the experience and expertise required to address these problems, taking pragmatic steps to minimize and even eradicate the distress caused by such events. Learn more here:

They can also help patients ensure their medical and legal needs are met by referring the latter to personal injury attorneys that the center is familiar with and has found trustworthy or reliable in the past. This professional approach to their patient service is also attested to in the many reviews that Florida Spine and Injury receives online.

One of their patients, Tonya Wilson, recently gave them 5 Stars on Google after she received treatment following an automobile accident. In her review, she says, “My family and I were involved in a car accident, and I was recommended to come here. Everyone here has been absolutely amazing. The best part was when the doctor prayed with us. We couldn't have asked for better treatment.”

Dr. Walker responded, “We make it a priority to provide all our patients with excellent medical care, patient care, and customer service that they all deserve. We are so grateful when they take the time to give us their honest feedback, it really makes our day. It also makes us want to do even more to help in any way we can.”

Recently, Dr. Walker was featured on the WFMJ news site in an article titled “On How To Prevent a Car Accident”, which featured extracts from one of his recent blog articles. In it, Dr. Walker says, “While it’s all well and good to be a defensive driver and to practice vigilance, let’s face it, car accidents still happen. The difference is, the accident doesn’t need to be caused by you. Avoiding a car accident altogether is what every driver hopes for, and practicing safe driving techniques will help you become a good driver.” The article provides advice on what to do in the event that anyone is involved in an accident, and has been added to the clinic’s media page, at

Their blog provides many helpful articles for those interested in exploring how chiropractic care can help relieve pain, even from sinuses as well as the types of pain that most people associate with other forms of treatment. More people are becoming aware that chiropractic clinics like Florida Spine and Injury – Ocala offer physical therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and spinal decompression. They can also offer chiropractic care to help relieve stress and anxiety. In addition, they seek to help their patients become more knowledgeable about their own overall health as well as how they may begin a new exercise regimen or change their habits to stay healthy.

Anyone who would like to schedule a free consultation can do so by contacting Florida Spine and Injury using the contact information available on their website. They are open from Monday to Thursday from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm and on Fridays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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