Best Chiropractor In Ocala Earns Glowing New Review

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Ocala based Florida Spine & Injury is pleased to acknowledge a new review from an extremely pleased patient. As the name suggests, the chiropractic clinic specializes in treating injuries sustained in accidents, with a focus on ailments that affect the back and spine.

The clinic’s staff are keen to deliver a warm and compassionate level of care that reassures and calms their patients. As a result, the clinic is often the recipient of highly positive reviews that directly praise the staff and their approach to healing. Their latest review, written by Shenay Kelley, is no different. Giving the clinic a perfect and enthusiastic 5/5 star rating, she says that Florida Spine and Injury, “is an excellent place to be in when you’re hurt. The staff is really awesome! Dayna and Katie (Nikki) are a bundle of joy with great personalities. They will keep you smiling!”

Kelley was also quick to highlight the skill of the doctors who treated her, saying, “Dr. Fontaine and Dr. Soto are wonderful experts who really have the patient's best interest at hand! Hats off, guys! You are appreciated!” Read the full Ocala chiropractor review, and others like it, online.

Florida Spine and Injury states that, “We hate to see our patients hurting and in pain, so we do everything possible to treat the source of their injuries for a fast recovery. We use the latest medical advances and proven techniques to provide each of our patients the custom-designed treatment plan they deserve.” The clinic is able to provide Whiplash Treatment, Back Pain Relief, Neck Pain Relief, Hip Injury Recovery, Relief from Soreness, Stiffness and Pain, Overall Alignment procedures, and many more treatment options. Patients may inquire with the clinic or look up their website to browse a full list of their medical capabilities.

Notably, the chiropractic experts maintain the belief that healing can be approached with a positive attitude; in fact, it even helps patients recover faster. They say, “We not only provide a wide range of treatment options to treat each patient's car accident injuries individually, we also like to lighten the mood!” This statement is echoed through their online materials as well, attesting to Florida Spine and Injury’s confidence in their ability to help patients maintain a positive outlook as their condition improves. To cap this point, they state, “We believe recovery doesn't have to be endured—it can be enjoyed.”

This belief extends to the very first point of contact between clinic and patient: all new patients may request a free consultation. This effectively allows them to bypass any concern of incurring outrageous fees simply by seeking professional medical advice. As the chiropractors at Florida Spine and Injury understand that only patients who know that something is wrong will actually seek treatment for their problems, they invite all those worried about the unseen or long-lasting effects of an accident to schedule their own appointment immediately. From there, patients may elect to undergo or refuse any further treatment after they receive a professional medical recommendation.

Patients who require further care can expect to undergo spinal adjustment for their main treatment. The clinic says, “the chiropractor has you get in a certain position, after which they apply pressure to a specific area to realign your body. It is a controlled technique that pushes the joint beyond its normal range of motion. Typically, you will lay face down on a chiropractic table. You will hear a pop or cracking noise while the chiropractic doctors move your joints. The noise is a release of gas build up in the joints, so there is no need to worry—it is completely normal.” According to Florida Spine and Injury, most people feel revitalized after their treatment. Some may experience soreness, however, especially if they have never had an adjustment before. Patients may discuss their treatment in more detail with their attending chiropractor to learn more.

In addition to this, interested parties may follow the clinic on their social media platforms to stay up to date with their latest news, offers, and announcements. Florida Spine and Injury often shares links to their blog through these platforms, which they use to discuss healthcare and related topics with their readers. They recently made another addition to their blog, and those who wish to read further may check out the blog post here.

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At The Florida Spine and Injury Centers, we’ve been treating Accident Injuries for over 20 years. By using a combination Chiropractic Doctors and Medical Doctors we are able to diagnose, treat and document your injuries.

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