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IV Therapies Used to Fight Back to School Stress

September 05, 2019
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As back to school season approaches, with all of the school supplies shopping, new teachers to meet, school meetings to attend and the ever increasing rush to enjoy the last few drops of summer, many parents find themselves feeling overwhelmed, tired, and stressed. Joseph Sciabbarrasi, MD, a holistic doctor in Los Angeles, urges his patients to take care of themselves and take steps to reduce the impacts of back to school stress on their health while they shuffle their children off for another year of school.

Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi, one of Los Angeles’s premier anti-aging specialists, stressed the importance of minimizing stress in a recent press release, stating “Stress can have all kinds of negative effects on our bodes. From decreasing the quality of sleep to increasing flare-ups of chronic illnesses, it is essential that all people experiencing stress work with their healthcare providers to combat their feelings of stress to reduce the negative health consequences of that stress on their bodies and minds.” He went on to explain of these symptoms can have long term consequences, so intervening as soon as possible to prevent life long impacts is important, and will have immediate rewards. “Reducing and countering your stress levels will slow the aging process in your body, while also giving you more energy and boosting your mood immediately!” the doctor continued.

One possible way to reduce the negative effects of stress may include procedures such as one offered by Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi himself: IV therapies. IV therapy is a kind of therapy where fluids are introduced directly into the bloodstream through a tiny needle. Intravenous administration is the fastest method for delivering fluids, medications, or other substances into the body, meaning that whatever is being administered can take effect rapidly and without delay. This makes it an excellent choice for all kinds of medical applications, and, in the case of Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi’s West Los Angeles holistic medicine clinic, can be used to administer vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other nutrients into the bodies of patients experiencing stress, fatigue, chronic illness, and other maladies.

According to Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi, IV therapy may be able to help negate the effects of stress especially when it comes to the aging effects of stress on the body. His West Los Angeles clinic personalizes every treatment to each patient’s specific needs and unique body situation, depending on whether they want to increase their energy, boost their immune system or many other possible benefits. When a patient visits the clinic, they will receive a personalized blend of intravenous fluids through a needle, most likely in their arm. Since these fluids will go directly into the patient’s bloodstream, patients may even be able to feel a warm sensation through their body as the fluids make their way through the entire circulatory system. The IV setup is the same as one might find at a hospital for medicine or emergency fluids, but the administered cocktail is designed by holistic medicine specialists and is administered right there in the clinic.

The clinic offers IV therapy as a form of anti-aging medicine, of which the clinic offers many. The clinic may help to restore vitality for all their patients, be it physical, mental, or otherwise, so they can look and feel their best. For any parents feeling overwhelmed by the start of the school year, who want to make a good impression on the PTA or just have more energy for their kids, Dr. Sciabbarrasi is ready to help. His clinic is located on the west side of Los Angeles and offers cutting edge integrative and holistic medicine for a wide variety of patients from around the greater Los Angeles area and beyond.

“Don’t be afraid to pay me a visit,” Dr. Sciabbarrasi said, addressing potential patients. “I’ll work with you personally to determine the best treatment for your needs, the best path to reach your goals, while also ensuring you’re completely comfortable throughout the entire process.”

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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