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Joe Sciabarrassi Celebrates 25 Years Of Offering Integrative And Functional Medicine In Los Angeles

March 25, 2019
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Joe Sciabarrassi, MD, who is based in Los Angeles, California, is celebrating 25 years of servicing Los Angeles as one of the integrative and functional physicians in the Southland. He has pioneered innovations in everything from cancer support therapy to custom IV treatments and hormone therapies. He is focused on integrating conventional and complementary therapies to help patients achieve optimal health, usually while undergoing conventional medical care.

The holistic doctor says, “I am so happy to announce that it's my 25th year of serving as integrative physician here in the Southland. My practice is centered upon holistically based science, offered with compassion and insight. My goal is to create an effective and highly individualized, tailored program of healing for you – be it for hormonal balance, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbance, weight control, immune system problems, heart disease prevention or treatment, Lyme disease or other medical issues.”

Dr. Sciabarrassi offers a wide range of therapies, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women; treatment for Lyme disease and co-infections; comprehensive thyroid disease/ Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism treatment; ozone therapy; IV drip therapies; sleep therapy; optimal wellness programs; HCG diet for weight loss; detoxification and cleansing programs; weight management programs with comprehensive nutritional evaluation; comprehensive cholesterol and lipid analysis and treatments; body composition analysis with electronic accuracy; and more.

The history of IV treatments and therapies can be traced back to the seventeenth century when the science of the human circulatory system was first appreciated. However, the wellness therapies of the present time can be traced back to about 100 years ago. IV therapy has come to be equated with vitamin therapy but at the West Los Angeles clinic of Dr. Sciabarrassi, they offer not just various permutations of the vitamin therapies but also glutathione, amino acid, phosphatidylcholine, and other nutrient-based IV drips.

The primary advantage of IV drip therapy is that it is much more effective than pills, powders and other forms of medicaments. This is because the nutrients go directly into the patient’s circulation and are therefore more fully absorbed and put to use by the tissues that require them. The clinic also provides other IV drip therapy options such as IV ozone and hydrogen peroxide, which are designed to increase the oxygen in the bloodstream. These can help in general detoxification and for dealing with infection. Studies have also found that EDTA can help in improving brain function, stimulating the mitochondria, and optimizing nitric acid production.

IV drip therapies can also be used for treating chronic diseases. Clinical studies have shown that Myers’ Cocktail can provide substantial improvements in various conditions ranging from acute migraines and asthma to fibromyalgia and fatigue; chronic sinusitis and upper respiratory tract infections to hyperthyroidism and heart conditions. They can also provide chelation with DMSA, EDTA, and DMPS to help in the detoxification of heavy metals like lead and mercury. Research has shown that EDTA chelation can help in the treatment of heart disease, particular in people with diabetes.

Dr. Joe Sciabarrassi offers functional, holistic and integrative medicine. He has explored conventional forms of medicine before entering medical school. These are bioidentical hormone replacement, nutritional biochemistry, herbal medicine, acupuncture, Shamanic healing, homeopathy, spiritual training, and meditation. He graduated from Georgetown University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology with a minor in Theology. He then obtained a Master’s degree in Microbiology from George Washington University. He finished his internship at New York Hospital after which he served for four years in the military where he started his practice of Emergency Medicine.

Meanwhile, his training in traditional and alternative medicine resulted from his work with such experts in the field like Dr. Anita Cignolini, Dr. Milton Erikson Dr. Rosalyn Bruyere, Dr. Jean Houston, and the Hahnemann College of Homeopathy. He has also traveled to study indigenous healing practices in various parts of the world.

Those who need more information about the holistic doctor’s services can visit his website or contact him by phone or by email.

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About Joe Sciabarrassi, MD:

Dr. Sciabbarrasi offers cutting-edge holistic and integrative medicine in a caring and supportive environment. His focus is on individualized medical care utilizing original and innovative approaches.

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Joe Sciabarrass,i MD
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