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Los Angeles Anti Aging Doctor Attends Anti Aging Conference

June 26, 2019
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Dr. Joe Sciabarrassi, a renowned Westside alternative physician, recently attended an anti-aging conference in Las Vegas. He hopes to implement some of the cutting edge techniques and procedures he discovered at the conference to help his Los Angeles patients experience vitality and radiant health, even as they grow older. With Dr. Sciarbarrassi’s treatments, growing older need not be something to fear, as it is possible to remain young and vibrant for despite the advancing years.

One of the cutting edge techniques on offer at the practice involves the use of bioidentical hormones. The Los Angeles physician announced that he would be offering bioidentical hormone replacement therapy to all Los Angeles patients in a recent press release, stating, “For women struggling with loss of vitality, sleep disruption, hair thinning, emotional reactivity and sensitivity, loss of libido, getting up at night to use the bathroom, night sweats, day sweats, hot flashes, dry and painful intercourse, being tired all the time, negative outlook, bone loss, aging skin, and increasing weight that doesn’t respond to diet and exercise, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) will almost certainly help you.”

Considered Los Angeles’ best representative in Anti-Aging Medicine by many of his patients and peers, Dr. Sciabarrassi strives to help each patient feel and look their best, even as they grow older. Los Angeles is full of surgeons who claim to have the ability to keep their patients looking young and feeling healthy, offering all manner of procedures and treatments to their patients. Dr. Sciabarrassi, however, states that he goes a step further by offering patients the opportunity to, “give your very cells a makeover so that they can feel just as vibrant on the inside as they appear on the outside.” At Dr. Sciarbarrassi’s holistic clinic, it is possible to achieve an internal makeover by natural means.

“Call it longevity medicine or anti-aging medicine or regenerative medicine, the goal is the same: restore vitality and resilience—physical, mental, sexual, spiritual—that endures into your later years,” says the practice, a statement that is echoed on their website. “Our tools are many: bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT), ozone, prolozone, chelation and other detoxification programs, IV drip therapy, the HCG diet and other weight loss options, sexual health support, customized nutritional programs, and so much more.”

One of the newly introduced anti-aging treatments on offer is peptide therapy. Peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, have the ability to affect a number of different traits at once, and are perhaps the most important factor when it comes to anti-aging therapies. When used as creams, nasal sprays, taken orally, or under the skin, they send signals to other cells and molecules. This gives anti-aging procedures the ability to target the body as a whole from the inside.

Dr. Sciabarrassi also offers frozen glandular extracts that promote optimal health and anti-aging support. These extracts are full of proteins, peptides, growth factors, and signaling molecules which can help revitalize specific parts of the body. Another treatment on offer involves the use of umbilical cord stem cells. “The stem cells we use are derived from the umbilical cords of healthy babies who are not harmed in any way,” says the practice. “Research suggests these may be even better than stem cells derived from the patient’s own marrow or fat tissues, especially in the case of autoimmune and degenerative disorders. Their benefits are improved even more with the use of peptide therapies, select supplements, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, and optimization of self-care.”

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI), another of the anti-aging treatments used by Dr. Sciabarrassi, utilizes light as a natural antibiotic and strengthens the body’s immune response. When exposed to UV light, bacteria and viruses absorb more photonic energy than a patient’s blood cells, which can be toxic to the infections. Studies show that UBI can be a very effective method of treatment for a variety of infections.

A number of clients have left positive reviews of the practice. One such review, which gives the practice 5/5 Stars, states, “Dr. Sciabarrassi has helped me get my cognitive function and physical stamina back to normal and I'm now working again after four years of disability. I have a chronic illness that Dr. Sciabarrassi has done a very good job of diagnosing and treating. My medical problems are very complex, and I spent several years trying to work with other doctors who each eventually gave up, lost interest, or told me that my problems were psychological. Dr. Sciabarrassi's staff are kind and hardworking. They are very familiar with the intricate puzzle that chronic illnesses create. I'm so grateful for the support, guidance, innovation, and determination that he and his staff have provided to me. Thank you!”

For the most advanced anti-aging medicine available in Los Angeles, visit Joe Sciabarrassi, MD. More information on cutting edge anti-aging therapies can also be found at the following link: Bioidentical Hormones (BHRT).

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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