RML Acoustics Now Located In Charlotte, NC

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RML Acoustics, LLC recently opened a second location, working as noise control consultants in Charlotte North Carolina to assist, “owners, architects, engineers, and design/build contractors with the acoustic design of their projects, and also provide practical solutions for clients of all types with existing indoor or outdoor noise issues.” The company, which also has locations and services based in Florida, focuses specifically on architectural and environmental acoustics along with controlling noise and vibration.

Rob Lilkendey is the Principal Acoustic Consultant at RML and has now been working in this field for 23 years, and on more than eight hundred projects. He has dealt with performing arts centers, schools, luxury towers, weapons training facilities, and more. Due in part to this experience, he has the training, equipment, and expertise to help with environmental noise studies, create acoustic design services, run accurate acoustic testing and measurements, as well as provide advice and witness testimony for larger projects. In short, he has over 29 years of educational, research, and practical experience.

Furthermore, as he possesses the relevant qualifications to give expert witness testimony in court at trials or meetings, Lilkendey has previously exercised this expertise for projects that deal with, “community noise issues, land planning/compatibility issues, eminent domain issues, and disputes involving noise in multi-family residential buildings,” according to RML. In addition, at least four counties have already recognized him as an expert at trials. He is able to reduce convoluted acoustic issues into easy to understand concepts thanks to his vast knowledge in this area.

Mark LoRang works as a Consultant at RML, and also has a background in this field, having worked at two other companies in the six years prior to joining his current post. He has worked with RML Acoustics since 2014 and helps with field testing, environmental noise measurements or analysis, and interior acoustics modeling. He carries both a Bachelor in Interdisciplinary Studies with a focus in Acoustics from Iowa State, and a Master of Science in Architectural Studies with a focus in Acoustics from Florida State.

Finally, Lana Lilkendey rounds off the RML team as Business Manager and Owner of the company, with 17 years of experience in the acoustics field. She deals with marketing, and helps develop projects to fit the marketing criteria for all sorts of clients. She has a Master of Business Administration degree from Phoenix University.

One of the areas that the company has dealt extensively with is architectural acoustic design. This often involves lowering the sound transmission in buildings by implementing sound isolating walls, doors, windows, and other structures. In addition, the team can work with sound absorbing acoustic designs. In previous projects, for example, RML was able to dampen the noise of footsteps in a large apartment complex so that residing families would not inconvenience each other, increase privacy between office cubicles and workers by quieting sound transmission, and reduce the amplitude of noise in a dining hall (make it less noisy). The company’s approach relies on a three-step process, starting with conducting field tests, then giving specific recommendations regarding the environment, and finally reviewing the Contractor’s submittals as well as conducting site visits.

RML is also capable of tackling industrial noise control, making acoustic measurements, forming analyses, and developing solutions for all sorts of projects. The company seeks to either reduce worker noise exposure by lowering the sound of equipment, or lower environmental noise from their main sources.

Andrew Simons left a five-star review of RML, stating that the company was, “very easy to deal with and proactive in giving in-depth color and analysis.” In addition, he felt that, “Robert’s professionalism and detailed knowledge of the proper tests,” go above and beyond, “any other sound technician.” Simons concluded by stating that he, “would highly recommend RML Acoustics.”

RML Acoustics is open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. Those who would like to follow up any inquiries with the industrial noise control consultant in Charlotte may contact Rob Lilkendey of RML Acoustics, LLC, or visit the company’s website.

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About RML Acoustics, LLC :

Principal Acoustical Consultant Rob Lilkendey is an expert in the field of architectural and environmental acoustics, with 22 years of experience solving noise and vibration issues in buildings and optimizing acoustical environments throughout the USA.

Contact RML Acoustics, LLC:

Rob Lilkendey

14688 NW 150th Lane
Alachua, Florida 32615

(352) 415-4041

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