Personal Injury Attorney Aids Residents Of Riverside County

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Kevin Cortright, of the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright, recently published a video encouraging those who have suffered personal injuries to seek the professional services of a personal injury attorney. Based in Palm Springs, CA, the attorney is always willing to hear out a potential client.

“If you or a family member have been injured in an accident, or at work, the decisions you make will be the most important decisions in your life,” says Cortright in the short video, which can be found here: This is because every decision made by the injured party will affect their case, and therefore have a part to play in its outcome. His message is simple—having a personal injury attorney who is capable of guiding a client through the convoluted legal process can be the deciding factor in gaining a satisfactory resolution.

Furthermore, an attorney is able to advise clients on the proper steps to take while navigating the legal process. As Cortright affirms, “My experience with injury claims has shown me just how crucial those decisions can be.” Those interested may browse the other videos on the attorney’s CortrightLaw channel on Youtube to learn more.

Dealing with the aftermath of an injury can be both a painful and disorienting process. Incidents such as vehicle accidents, bicycle accidents, pedestrian or animal encounters, and so on can have a detrimental effect on a victim’s ability to give adequate attention to their own recovery. Furthermore, those who suffer such injuries often have many other issues to deal with as a consequence. Aside from the pain and discomfort of the injury itself, they will likely have to grapple with bills, insurance-related paperwork, and they may even have to take time off work depending on the severity of their injury.

Fortunately, clients have several options to consider when they seek compensation. These include Actual Damages (seeking monetary compensation specifically for direct losses sustained such as medical expenses), Punitive Damages (seeking compensation above the costs sustained by the victim as a method of punishment to the offending party), and Loss of Future Earnings (seeking compensation for earnings lost due to the victim’s permanent or long-term inability to work). As a bonus, being able to offload this legal pressure onto a personal injury attorney leaves the client free to focus on their health and recovery.

As noted on the firm’s website, at, while a victim may be entitled to various forms of compensation, they are not immune from situations where they are harassed, misled, or short-changed by insurance companies who may care more about their profits than about taking care of their customers. Therefore, making a claim and seeing it through to fruition requires a specific aptitude for, and knowledge in, the legal environment. This is where the expertise of a personal injury lawyer can prove most invaluable.

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright assures their clients that, “When we work on an accident injury case, we examine every aspect of the incident, and the impact on the victim’s life and well-being, to determine what actions to take in protecting our client’s best interest.” This effectively means that the firm will strive to identify all liable parties in a given case in order to pursue every possible avenue for compensation. The firm’s dedication to their client does not stop there, however. They state that, “We will make sure you get quality medical care and an accurate evaluation of current costs and future losses resulting from the incident. We will review and investigate all of the paperwork, including police reports, insurance documents, the insurance adjuster’s report, valuations, settlement offers, medical records, and bills.”

Those interested in hiring an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney may contact Kevin Cortright, of the Law Offices of Kevin Cortright. Additionally, clients may connect with the firm via their social media channels on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and so on to stay up to date with their latest news and announcements.

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