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Murrieta and Palm Springs, CA based Law Offices of Kevin Cortright are pleased to announce that attorney Kevin Cortright has published a new blog on his website specifically addressing those injured while working at Amazon. “We have extensive experience helping injured workers, and understand the demands that warehouse associates, warehouse managers, fulfillment associates, delivery drivers, and other employees working for Amazon experience daily,” said Kevin Cortright.

In a demanding, fast-paced environment like those at Amazon, injuries may occur. The National Council for Occupational Safety, a worker advocacy group, has urged Amazon to give urgent attention to their workplace safety protocols as there have been seven deaths at Amazon warehouses since 2013. "Amazon workers suffer injuries—and sometimes lose their lives—in a work environment with a relentless demand to fill orders under close monitoring of employee actions," reported the National Council for Occupational Safety and Health. Many family members are not aware that if an Amazon worked perishes in a work accident, they may be entitled to receive Workers Comp Death Benefits.

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright can help Amazon workers throughout California from offices in Murrieta and Palm Springs. “We are dedicated to protecting worker rights and helping them obtain the benefits and financial compensation needed for recovery,” stated Kevin Cortright.

Amazon worker injuries include a recent incident where at least two dozen workers at Amazon’s Robbinsville, New Jersey plant were hospitalized after a can of bear repellent fell off a shelf. Warehouse workers often suffer pain as a result of their workload, after walking many miles per shift, bending to pick up heavy objects from low locations, or standing in one place without a chair. Many of the warehouse workers use electronic devices which monitor the speed at which they work, and are under constant pressure to hit performance targets—making it difficult to take any time to stay hydrated or take a toilet break.

Amazon regularly uses temporary workers to fill orders during peak times, including those during holiday shopping periods (with up to 80,000 seasonal workers). Many temporary workers seek to become permanent members of staff, walking more than 12 miles per shift in order to pursue that goal. However, seasonal workers hired to cover busy seasons often lose their jobs with little or no notice.

The use of temporary workers, usually subcontracted through staffing agencies, has become a standard method of operations at many companies. There are few protections for anyone working in an environment like this if they suffer an injury or illness. The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright offer a free consultation to discuss work injuries, and visitors to their website can use the online contact form to receive a response.

In his capacity as a Amazon Workers Compensation Attorney, Cortright stated that, “Temporary workers often feel they don’t have the same rights to claim for on-the-job injuries as permanent staff. Under California’s guidelines for injured workers, notifying an employer of a work injury should happen right after the injury occurs, and if it has developed over time, the employer should be notified as early as possible.” The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright believe in guiding clients through each step of the process, and making themselves available in a welcoming, approachable way.

Filing claims can be a daunting process for many who have developed injuries over time, or for those who have suffered from a workplace accident. However, depending on the circumstances and extent of the injury, workers may be qualified to receive any of the following: medical care, rehabilitative care, temporary disability payments, permanent disability payments, and/or job skills retraining benefits.

Amazon, who have an in-house team of medical staff consisting of EMTs and other medical personnel (Amcare), instructs workers to notify security, before calling emergency services, and tell them the nature of the medical emergency and location. Security or Amcare then provide the emergency response. Common issues cited by Amazon workers reported to 911 services include difficulty breathing, chest pains, cardiac problems, spells of unconsciousness, or other undefined illnesses.

Through the Amazon workers blog, visitors can access testimonials like the one from David, who says, “Kevin came to visit me in the skilled nursing center after my accident. My husband and I decided to hire him shortly after the incident occurred. He then hired all the experts he needed to make my case. Even though the other side was not helpful in this process, Kevin worked hard to get me the money that I needed to pay my bills and help me to get better physically, mentally, and spiritually.”

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright are skilled at helping injured workers obtain benefits and financial compensation after a work injury. “We understand the workplace risks at Amazon. We have the experience needed to negotiate with insurance companies to achieve a positive outcome for our clients, and we can pursue a third-party liability lawsuit if negligence is found to involve another person or business,” said Kevin Cortright.

For further information, contact Kevin Cortright, Law Offices of Kevin Cortright, Murrieta, CA. Visitors can find contact information for all locations and use the included contact form on their website to send a message directly. They may also find the Amazon Workers blog at

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