Grateful Client Posts Favorable Palm Springs Attorney Kevin Cortright Review

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Palm Springs Attorney Kevin Cortright was very happy to get a favorable review from a customer his firm recently represented. He said it was nice to hear that his hard work was appreciated by the client. Kevin also stated there is a lot that goes on behind the scenes to positively litigate any legal case they take on and favorable reviews make the effort all the more worthwhile for him and his support team.

The case that the review was about had to do with one of his law office’s specialties, workmen’s compensation claims. In the posted review, the customer went on to say how much he appreciated Kevin’s honesty when the two discussed their claim. The client stated, “I visited Kevin's office regarding a workmen comp case and he was completely honest with me regarding a settlement I was offered. Instead of trying to get my business, he told me the offer was good and he really could not do any better and to save my self the time and headache of trying to do better. I really appreciated his advice.”

Kevin elaborated a little further why he did not try and pursue this case further and try to get the client more money for his workmen’s compensation claim. He said, “There are two things I like to use to my advantage when it comes to attracting clients. Those are honesty and experience. In this case, my experience told me that the amount this client was offered was right in line with several other workmen’s compensation cases like theirs I had worked on in the past. If I had taken on the case, it’s very likely the client would have received less money than they were offered after my legal fees were taken out of the settlement. By being completely honest with this person, they were able to benefit more than if I had gone to work for them trying to better their claim. I believe my reputation for honesty is what attracts many prospective clients to seek out my services.”

This is not the only favorable review that this law practice has received over their time in business either. Several other client reviews can be seen under the section titled ‘testimonials’ on their website. Kevin stated he is proud of the fact that all of these testimonials came from his actual customers and are their words and not something that’s made up.

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright have been doing business in the Palm Springs area of California for over a decade now. Kevin stated he started out several years ago as a senior clerk in a bankruptcy and personal injury firm. Later on, he switched over to another firm and as he gained valuable experience he worked his way up to a managing partner position. Kevin tells that the knowledge he gained working for others and his desire to help people be made whole again by their legal rights, is what inspired him to open up his own law offices.

His law offices handle three main forms of legal cases. These include workmen’s compensation, personal injury, and bankruptcy. Kevin explained how each of these services can help their clients. He says, “Workmen’s compensation litigation is the best way for a worker to get the money they need for lost work time and medical bills after they have been wrongfully hurt in their workplace. Personal injury claims have to do with a making a person financially whole again after they have been injured as the result of wanton neglect on the part of another person or entity. Our bankruptcy legal services are designed to help give our clients a badly needed financial reset after suffering from some poor financial undertakings in the past.”

Any person that is interested in sitting down and talking to Kevin or his associates about a claim they have can do so. There is never a fee for his initial consultation and the only requirement is the persons claim must relate to one of the Kevin Cortright Law Offices specialty areas of personal injury, workers compensation or bankruptcy law.

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About Law Offices of Kevin Cortight :

The Law Offices of Kevin Cortright handles personal injury and workers compensation claims for those who have been injured in an accident or at work, and Bankruptcy cases for those suffering from debt.

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Kevin Cortright

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