Hard Drive Recovery Associates Celebrates World Backup Day 2019 With Deals

March 27, 2019
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In accordance with World Backup Day 2019 on March 31, Hard Drive Recovery Associates will be offering a variety of discounts on hard drive recovery services in efforts to promote the idea of proper, scheduled backups to people and companies.

World Backup Day asks people and businesses to pledge to "solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31st", a pledge which Jack Edwards of Hard Drive Recovery Associates says is a great start.

"The reason why data recovery service companies even exist is because people almost always forget to backup their data on a daily basis, and few even manage to backup monthly," said Edwards. "Personal data loss is on the rise worldwide, mainly because although we now use more devices than ever that house some kind of critical personal data, the attitude surrounding that data remains pretty casual."

Whereas ideas like World Backup Day would have been far more difficult to actually get on board with even 15 years ago due to the relative expense of data storage and the lack of real technological advances.

As of 2019, there is really no reason why every computer user should not have some kind of consistent backup program, owing to the availability of extremely cheap external hard drives and the often cost-free Cloud services that are available internationally.

"When you can buy a 1TB hard drive for $60 that can attach to virtually any system using USB, and backup what would have seemed like an insane amount of data even eight years ago, there really isn't a rock solid excuse," said Edwards. "Heck, even Google offers 15GB of free storage with every account. Not saving your absolutely most critical data to the cloud just doesn't make sense anymore."

One of the downsides of Cloud backups remain that these services can be hacked now and again - a process we have seen many times with larger websites that reveal major hacks a long time after they have been executed.

"Security is always one of those real issues to consider when backing up with a cloud service, but the convenience does tend to outweigh the actual risks," said Edwards. "This is why personal backup devices like NAS systems or external hard drives can be extremely effective."

One of the biggest myths that many Hard Drive Recovery Associates customers are reporting is that they assumed that because Solid State Drives do not have as many parts and do not operate in the same way as Hard Disk Drives, that they rarely fail. Sadly, this is incredibly untrue, and quite a dangerous myth.

"SSD drives, depending on the model, can actually more prone to failure than many of the older HDD units that we see so many of," said Edwards. "Just because an SSD failure doesn't offer the telltale signs of HDD failure like clicking and buzzing sounds, doesn't mean they can't crash and eliminate your access to data."

As part of celebrating World Backup Day, Hard Drive Recovery Associates will be discounting all SSD recovery and hard drive recovery services by 10% for the first week of April. RAID servers are not included, although the company does offer free RAID server pickup to companies in LA, Orange and Riverside counties.

In the end, Hard Drive Recovery Associates applauds events like "World Backup Day" because they inform a lot of customers just how critical it is to have copies of critical data, as well as points out how difficult the job is that data recovery services do every day of the week."

"People who have literally pulled a hard drive out of a flooded ditch assume that professionals like us can simply push a button and retrieve the data and get the job done in an hour," said Edwards. "The truth is, hard drive recovery is a difficult job that requires specific equipment and experience - and the complexity means the service doesn't always come cheap."

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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