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Data Recovery Specialists: How To Exchange Emails More Professionally

October 06, 2021
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Irvine, CA based Hard Drive Recovery Associates (HDRA) recently published a blog post that explores how people can inject a professional touch into their email workflow. This post was made in response to the recent push to create work-from-home setups, especially given that many have had to convert their personal computers and similar resources into work-ready platforms.

HDRA comments that they have noticed that emails are seeing a resurgence in popularity over the past year or so, being paired with web conferencing tools, remote work software and other cornerstones of the work-from-home experience. Where many might have expected instant messaging apps to neatly step into the void left by in-person communication at the office, this has not been the case. Instead, people are choosing to use email more and more, which the company theorizes is an attempt to maintain a degree of professional conduct even in such radically different circumstances. However, simply using an email is not enough, and certain adjustments can make all the difference in maintaining a professional appearance during email communications.

The first area HDRA recommends that people get familiar with is email scheduling. As many members of a single team can be spread across multiple time zones, there may be instances where emails are sent after a colleague has already finished for the day or is perhaps even still asleep in the middle of the night. While it can be difficult to remember everyone’s time zone in a large team, the company recommends that people make the effort wherever possible — and use email scheduling to have an email be sent at a time it will be welcomed. This courtesy works well in marketing as well.

Next, it is important to determine how exactly an email should be concluded. It may be tempting to end an email after the body text and hope for the best, but HDRA explains that the right way to end an email instead tends to depend on its intent and context. When in doubt, however, they recommend defaulting to the time-honored fallback: expressing gratitude. It can often be enough to thank the recipient, be it for a specific kind of assistance they provided or for simply taking the time to read the email itself.

Another aspect of email that may fly under the radar is the difference between the CC and BCC fields in an email app. The company strongly cautions their community against confusing the two as this can lead to potentially embarrassing outcomes. CC’d recipients, for instance, are not the main recipients of the email but may be receiving it just so they are kept apprised of new updates regarding a mutual project. The recipients specific in the ‘To’ field will be able to see who is CC’d (and vice versa). BCC recipients, crucially, will not be visible to recipients in the other two fields, though they will be able to observe all non-BCC recipients themselves.

Hard Drive Recovery Associates specializes in data recovery, and they have successfully rescued their customer’s data from USBs, computer hard drives, natural disaster stricken servers, and much more over the years. The company strongly believes that data protection is best built on a framework of healthy computer practices (with regular backups being among their top recommendations), and this is one reason they frequently publish tips on living in a digital world through their blog. When all else fails, however, the company is always ready to take a look at their customers’ damaged drives and retrieve data that may otherwise be lost forever.

The company has a, “Really, really professional shop,” says Yustina Haston’s 5-Star Google review, “with a really easy location to get to, to boot. I brought in an external drive that had a lot of really sentimental photos that needed to be recovered, and was very pleased with the estimate. I chose the ‘slowest’ level of service (there really was no rush), but these guys delivered early, and the estimate was actually more expensive than the end price. You gotta love that. Highly recommend HDRA!”

Alfred Cox similarly shares, “My company's IT Admin guy suggested these guys when my laptop died and I needed hard drive recovery. I spoke to Lou, and he was very knowledgeable and helpful during the entire process. He was even a champ about playing phone tag with me! Can't say enough about the experience here. Bring your drive here and expect to get results!”

Further details (including the full blog post) can be found on the HDRA website. Customers may also contact Jack Edwards of Hard Drive Recovery Associates to follow up on any further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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