Los Gatos Tree Service Emphasizes that Tree Work Can Be Dangerous and is Best Left to Professionals

February 05, 2019
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The staff at Los Gatos Tree Leaders has taken the time to express their concern over non-professionals trying to tackle difficult tree tasks themselves at their homes and businesses. The company states that without the right know-how and the right equipment in place, even the most simple tree projects in a yard can quickly turn into scenarios that cause injury or even death. This was especially important for them to emphasize with the spring tree removal period about to take place in a few months.

Grace Tuckera, the spokesperson for Los Gatos Tree Leaders, mentioned that it was important to draw attention to tree removal because it’s by far the most dangerous tree task for non-professionals to undertake. She states, “Each year in the USA tree removal that is attempted by non-professionals causes severe injuries, death, and extensive property damage. That’s why it’s best left to well-trained professional tree service personnel like ours. Their experience gives them the ability to take all the necessary steps to minimize the chances of an accident happening during any tree removal task.” Tuckera also stated that by them having the latest and best tree removal equipment in place, this also greatly improves the safety in an area when they fall any sizeable tree.

There is never a good reason for anyone in the Los Gatos area to undertake the dangerous job of tree removal themselves, Tuckera stated. That’s because their tree removable services are very reasonably priced. All a person has to do to find out more about them is to visit their tree service Media Center.

Tuckera also pointed out that trees falling on people during the tree removal process is not the only safety hazard associated with tree care. For example, something as simple as a misplaced aluminum ladder even slightly touching a power line while tree trimming can result in electrocution. High powered tree chipper misuse is also a big area of concern as well as the improper use of chainsaws by non-professional tree personnel.

Tuckera warns that unkempt trees on a property can become dangerous and cause extensive property damage too. Such is the case when trees branches have become so overgrown that they block a vehicles line of sight to an intersection. Trees with branches that have grown into power lines and buildings can also be a huge concern for home and business owners. Even unchecked tree roots can cause problems when they grow so big in size that they pose a threat to foundations, sidewalks, and driveways. These are all problems that can easily be resolved by experienced tree service providers like Los Gatos Tree Leaders.

One of the company’s other biggest tree concerns as far as safety threats to persons and property are dead and dying trees. That’s because these problem trees tend to come down easily during strong storms. During a storm, a sizeable tree can come crashing down on a home or business and cause severe injuries or even death. Not to mention, the extensive damage to property that these dead and dying trees do when they are toppled over by strong winds. Los Gatos Tree Leaders offers free inspections that will help identify problem trees on a property. These trees can then be professionally removed before the next strong storm hits to alleviate the chance of them causing injuries or property damage.

Tree trimming, tree removal and all of the other professional tree services that Los Gatos Tree Leaders provide are all done with safety at the forefront. The company even offers 24-hour emergency tree service for homeowners and businesses that have had an unfortunate tree incident occur on their property.

Los Gatos Tree Leaders serves a wide territory that covers much of the San Jose California area. That includes such communities as Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Alamitos, and Evergreen. They do have a map of their coverage area right on their website. That map can be seen here at https://goo.gl/maps/7kG3YKhGfJz. If anyone wonders if they are in the company’s service area or not, all they have to do is call Los Gatos Tree Leaders contact number and a company representative will answer that question for them.

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